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9 Sports-Based Android Games that You Must Play

Need a break? Unleash your inner athlete with these interesting sports games for your Android device. Many have improved their graphics to compete with console versions in recent years, making them more fun to play.

FC Mobile Soccer

Choose from an extensive roster of past and present players, such as Erling Haaland or Vinicius Jr., to build your dream team. Test your ability to shoot and pass, using each player’s strengths.

FC Mobile Soccer

Visual appeal is often a top element that mobile game players require. FC Mobile Soccer has seen significant upgrades that make this game’s graphics a winner. You’ll also find a well-organized team management area, making the process of getting the data on each player’s strengths easier.

Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football

If you’re a fan of NFL games, you should try Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football. It includes real teams – from the Arizona Cardinals to the Houston Texans, along with real players and events. You get 25 mini-games, including Close Quarters and a new version of Superstar Mode.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool has been a top billiards choice for years due to its smooth gameplay and multiple modes. Several mini-games allow you to accumulate the chips required for gameplay.

You can also play 9-ball and other modes.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is one of the newer mobile sports games on the scene. Yet, it executes a few elements better than the console-based version due to its free-flowing design, effective controls and simplification.

The game offers three primary modes of play, along with life events where you can earn points and rewards such as trophies, collectibles and cards.

FIE Swordplay

If you’re looking for a change and want to try a game involving a new sport (fencing), FIE Swordplay is an excellent choice. In it, you choose your weapon and set up your gear to go head-to-head with other fencers. The International Fencing Federation officially supports the game. The game has top-notch graphics and offers real fencing techniques.

MLB 9 Innings 24

The gameplay for MLB 9 Innings 24 can be rewarding if you take the time to learn this game’s controls and utilize the extensive 600 pitching and hitting available forms. Doing so lets you get better at timing pitches and hitting the ball.

The excellent graphics and smooth gameplay will likely keep you returning for more action. Learn to bunt or hit a home run.

Real Cricket 24

When you’re looking for an authentic experience of playing cricket, Real Cricket 24 will likely fit the bill. Developers have continued to upgrade this game each year, making it one of the best cricket games you can play on a mobile device. Timing your shots is crucial with this game, which requires practice in the nets.

For bowling, you get multiple delivery options including flipper, googly and leg spin. For batting, you can choose between back foot and front foot shots.

Golf Battle

If you’re a fan of mobile pool, you’ll likely enjoy the gameplay offered by Golf Battle since it involves similar movements to control each shot’s trajectory and strength. The game provides a mini-golf setting, allowing you to play through colorful courses and challenging obstacles. You can play multiplayer with up to 6 players or one-on-one with your friends.

Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis stands out due to its simple controls. You can launch the ball with a tap and then swipe to serve and return shots. A timing indicator on the left informs you about the timing of your shot – whether you hit the ball early or late or just right.

You can play as your favorite player or participate in the Daily Challenge on one of ten courts.


If you’re already a fan of any of these sports, getting involved in the mobile version is a good choice. They’ll test your ability to perfect the controls required for you to dominate your gameplay. Choosing one or two to get started is best, allowing you to have fun and perfect your moves.

Mobile sports games offer something for everyone. Whether you’re into soccer, cricket, golf or fencing, you can find a game to stay entertained. Pick any one from the above list and get going!

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