About Author

I am Satnam Singh Shergill from India. I have a lot of interest in the technology world. Computers such as computers, mobile, software information etc. I keep trying to explain more software tutorials and any complicated technologies. Then I have created a technology related website named TECHGILL. I have written down about this website.

About Website

Techgill started in 2018. It is our motive to grow with the growing technology. Technology has been fully explained on this website. Understand technology and then make a lot of use. Consider visiting the website. Today technology has become a part of human being.

In this website, you are told the software tutorials about how to run any software and how to know the details of any software. Reliable programs from any Tech World have been explored on this website and we will continue to do so.

We are slowly moving forward on this website and we want everyone through this website’s take advantage.

This website will be special for those who want to understand the technology and want to take advantage of it.