Top Useful Android Widgets

Top Useful Android Widgets That You Should Try

In the ever-evolving world of Android, widgets stand as an unsung hero, offering a quick glance at vital information and enabling seamless interaction with our favorite apps without the need to open them. But with so many widgets out there, which ones truly deserve a spot on your home screen?

Top Useful Android Widgets

Let’s dive into some seriously useful widgets that will upgrade your Android experience.

Finance: Monefy

Keep track of your finances easily with Monefy‘s widget. This little financial wizard allows you to see your account balance at a glance across all or selected accounts, including cash and credit cards. What makes it even handier are the quick-access buttons for logging income, expenses, or transfers.

Instead of needing to open apps to check your balance, Monefy brings the most important information – your account balance – right to your home screen.

Notes: Google Keep / Samsung Notes

Whether you’re jotting down a quick reminder or compiling a detailed shopping list, having a notes widget can be a game-changer. Google Keep (built-in for all Android phones) and Samsung Notes (built-in for Samsung phones) offer widgets that not only let you see your notes at a glance but also make it incredibly easy to add new ones without opening the app. These widgets are like having sticky notes on your phone – only better and without the clutter.

Weather: Overdrop: Weather Today, Radar

Weather predictions are more than just numbers and symbols; they’re about planning your day or week ahead. Overdrop doesn’t just give you the weather; it brings you a beautifully designed widget that offers detailed weather forecasts, including radar images, right on your home screen. Whether you’re dressing up for the day or planning a weekend getaway, Overdrop ensures you’re always one step ahead of Mother Nature.

Event Planning: Hurry Day Countdown & Reminder

Have you ever forgotten an important date until it was almost too late? With Hurry Day Countdown & Reminder, those days are behind you. This widget is not just about counting down to events; it’s your personal event planner sitting right on your home screen. It keeps all your significant dates in sight, ensuring you’re always prepared, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a much-awaited vacation.

The widget offers transparency and color options to match any theme, some even showcasing your chosen event images or GIFs.

Productivity: TickTick

For those who live by their to-do lists, TickTick is a must-have. Its widget allows you to view and check off tasks directly from the home screen. With TickTick, you’re not just keeping a list; you’re visually tracking your progress throughout the day.

Stocks: Stock Market

For investors, staying updated on stock market movements is crucial. The app’s widget provides real-time data on stocks, indices, commodities, and more, all at a glance. With this widget, the stock market comes right to your home screen, keeping you informed and ready to make timely decisions.

Sports: Sofascore – Sports live scores

Want to see the live score of Australia’s cricket match or Bengals’ NFL game without opening an app? Use Sofascore.

This app has two distinct widgets. One is a compact 2 x 2 widget, adjustable in size, perfect for placing into the side of your home screen with other widgets. The other is a 4 x 3 widget, expandable to cover even your entire home screen. Both apps provide a view of upcoming and current games along with their scores for your chosen sport.

You can set your favorite teams, leagues, and sports through the app. It supports over 20 sports, 5000 leagues and tournaments and countless events.

Screen Time Tracking: Digital Wellbeing

In this digital age, managing screen time is as important as managing time itself. Digital Wellbeing, the built-in Android app from Google, offers a widget that displays your overall screen time or app timers for app categories. The widget can be customized in terms of background color and transparency.


Widgets are all about making your life easier. Whether it’s checking your account balance with Monefy, staying on top of your tasks with TickTick, or keeping an eye on the weather with Overdrop, these widgets offer a new level of convenience.

Which of them do you like the most?

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