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10 Best Android Emoji Apps Everyone Should Must Try

GIFs, stickers and emojis have become an integral part of fun-filled chatting. An Android emoji is something that can tend to light up a seemingly dull conversation. From animated hearts, eye-catching sparkles to grinning faces, you will find emojis of almost every expression.

However, Android or iPhone comes with a ton of emojis and often update their library constantly. But the minus point is that they do not offer much customization. If you are looking to add some emojis in your next chat, here we will go through some of the best emoji apps. However, emoji apps have gotten smarter, letting you unlock a mammoth library of emojis. But most of these apps also contain a solid collection of stickers and GIFs.

Some of these emojis will work as full-fledged keyboard apps so that you can get access to your favourite emoji with ease. They come with features like custom backgrounds and cool fonts, letting you customize your keyboard. A few emoji apps will take you to the next level allowing you to design your own Android emoji. So why waste more time? Let’s explore the best emoji apps.

1. Rainbowkey

Most fonts put RainbowKey in the first place in this list. The app comes with over 5000 emojis, stickers and fonts, and it has a solid library of emojis at its disposal. So you will always have a ton of fun-loving emojis and stickers to express your feelings.

RainbowKey will allow you to customize your device’s keyboard by choosing from a variety of colourful pictures and cool fonts. Apart from customizations, the app will also offer you some fantastic features like one-handed typing functionality, auto-correction, swipe gestures and accurate prediction.

However, the app is free of cost. But still, you have to spend some bucks to unlock some premium features.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

SwiftKey is a dedicated keyboard for both iPhone and Android preloaded with hundreds of emojis. Due to its unique features, accurate suggestions, flow typing and vast user-generated dictionary, the app has become one of the handiest and best keyboard apps.

Moreover, it uses Artificial Intelligence to offer helpful suggestions vital in speeding up your typing. If you need faster speed, it will provide you with the swipe-to-type gesture.

When it comes to customization, its features and dozens of themes make it up to the mark.

3. Big Emoji

As we can see from its name, this app is the powerhouse more than anyone. The app comes with the most extensive library with more than 5000 emojis. Moreover, it will also offer you a solid roster of bone-tickling stickers to spice up your messaging.

Big Emojis works best with almost all the famous messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Signal. So it doesn’t matter which messaging app you are using; you will make the most of its massive collection to enhance your messaging experience.

In terms of customization, Big Emojis is also great to fine-tune your top picks.


GIPHY is another best Android emoji app, and it is known for GIFs, stickers and emojis available on both iOS and Android devices. The app will allow you to use GIFs, Stickers and emojis on various social media platforms.

If you don’t like emojis on the app, you will get the chance of creating your own.

5. Facemoji

If you are looking for a free and fully customized keyboard app for your Android device, you must try Facemoji. The app provides you with more than 3600 emojis, cute stickers, emoticons, GIFs and fonts.

So while chatting, add those fantastic emojis from Facemoji to spice up your conversation.

6. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is another exciting Android emoji app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The best thing is that it will allow you to create your personalized and unique emojis. Apart from designing, the app will also allow you to use those emojis in different messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

7. GO Keyboard

It is one of the best keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store. One big plus point about the app is that it provides you with more than 10000 themes, 1000 emojis and 800 emoticons to enhance your typing and chatting experience.

Another exciting feature of this app is its Emoji prediction that offers precise predictions.

8. Gboard

Gboard is also the best keyboard app from Google for Android devices, and it comes with a lightweight and easy-to-use interface that delivers you the best keyboard typing experience. The app also supports emoji prediction, so it will suggest you the emoji when you are typing a text.

The best thing is that the app comes with unique themes and gestures.

9. WhatSmiley

Claiming to be the number one, WhatSmiley comes loaded with your favourite emojis. Besides, the app also provides you with a plethora of stickers and animated gifs. That means during free-wheeling conversations, your messaging will never feel lacking in the fire-power.

Moreover, it also offers the necessary customization that will give you a personalized experience. For example, you have the choice to change the background colour of your emojis so that they will appear in line with your taste.

One big plus point about the app is that it comes with some intriguing emoji games which you can play with your friends to win a lot of coveted achievements.

10. Emoji Holidays Face-App Filter

The app is a little different, allowing you to create talking emoji videos with your favourite backgrounds. If you are looking for simple emojis and wish to make them hilarious, the app will be your great choice.

While creating emoji videos, you can also record a special message to greet, congratulate or wish your friends happy birthday. It will allow you to make your emojis appear striking and fine-tune your voice pitch.

However, the app is available free of cost. But still, you have to pay some bucks to access the premium content.

Wrapping up

So here are some of the best Android emoji apps packed with an ever-growing roster of emojis, GIFs and stickers. These apps have everything to spice up your conversation, and however, many of them will let you create your own emojis for a more personalized experience. So what are you waiting for? Get on these apps and start showing your creativity.