dns isn't resolving xbox server names

DNS Is Not Resolving Xbox Server Names

When your Xbox console is not able to resolve a valid DNS address to connect to the internet. Then you may receive a message as the DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names error. This error is very common and you can encounter it when you are using a wireless network. In this article you will find solutions for your problem. You can use this solution in both Xbox one or Xbox 360.

1. Reset the console and router

You can power loop the Xbox console and router before you assign a pre-defined DNS address or reset the router. This is a very simple method. It is effective as the console and router reset can make a fresh restart for the network.

Before you reset, just remove the main power supply from the two devices to make sure that all the capacitors are not in charge, and there should be no discrepancies when you connect to the network again.

Given below is the detailed guide

  • Press and hold the Xbox logo for about 8 seconds to shut down the console.
  • Remove the power cable.
  • Shut down the router and plug the power cable.
  • After 3 minutes plug in and turn on both systems.

Try these steps to connect your Xbox to the network to see whether the error is solved.

2. Set DNS by yourself

Your Xbox console will not set the DNS by itself when it is bothered by the error. You can set Google’s address as its DNS to see whether the issue can be fixed. You can try to undo the changes using the same steps and then select Set DNS automatically. The things you can do are

  • Open the Xbox console.
  • Go to the settings then network and then select advanced setting
  • Then click on DNS settings and then on manual.
  • Now, you can set the DNS manually.
  • Select enter
  • Change the secondary DNS address to 8.4.4.
  • Select enter
  • Press B when you go back to the wireless settings to save the changes.

3. Reset the router to factory settings

If the router has a wrong configuration or setting then you can face this DNS is not resolving Xbox server names error. To solve this you can reset the router to factory settings by the following steps.

  1. Press and hold the reset button which is at the back of the router for about 10 seconds until all the light on the router flash for once.
  2. Now, you can rest the router and check whether the network connection goes back to normal.

4. Use a wired connection instead

If you have failed solving your error by the above solutions then you can consider using a wired connection instead. Many of the users have reported that they were successful in solving their error after using this method.


These are the 4 methods from which you can solve the DNS is not resolving Xbox server names error. Hope this article is helpful for you. Just try the methods one by one until you fix your error.