error code: i2501

To Fix The Error Code: i2501 On Square Enix

Square Enix is a famous game publisher which has different types of action and adventure games, it also includes the final fantasy series, tomb raider, or life is strange.  However some people complain that they face error code: i2501 while playing in their Square Enix account.

Given below are the solutions to fix your error, and before doing that you need to have a good active connection and valid payment card details.

1. Turn off VPN and Proxies

It is suggested to turn off the VPN and proxies to fix the error code i2501, as certain service providers, especially the banking institutions, have declined private connections which require full Internet access for reasons of transparency. Follow the steps to do that.

Step 1: open the settings application by pressing the windows + I keys together.

Step 2: then, select the network and internet part to open it.

Step 3: select the proxy tab and turn off the use a proxy server option.

Now, check if your error code: 2501 has gone, if not then try the other solution.

2. Pay via mobile device

This is another way to get rid of the error code: i2501 by paying through the browser on your mobile device. You can give it a try but the success rate is not very high.

3. Turn off Ad Blockers

Though Ad blockers do not interfere with payment platforms, it is proved that turning off the ad blocking extension and waiting for some time, and trying to make another payment can solve the error code: i2501.

4. Contact support

This method suggests you to fix the square Enix error code: i2501 by contacting to the support. You will have to describe the issue that you face and then they will provide some solutions for you.

5. Turn on Incognito mode in Firefox

If you face this issue on Google chrome, then you should try another browser – Firefox. You can open it on incognito Mode. Follow the steps.

Step 1: open Firefox browser, then select the three dashes icon at the upper- right corner in the Firefox browser.

Step 2: select the new private window option from the list to activate incognito mode in Firefox. You can also click on Ctrl + Shift + P incognito mode shortcut on windows to turn on private browsing in Firefox.

Now check, if the error code has gone.


Above are the solutions to fix your error code: i2501. Try the above solutions one by one until you fix your issue. Hope this article is helpful for you and solves your problem.