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How to Find a Website Faster Related to Your Query
How to Find a Website Faster Related to Your Query

How to Find a Website: Whenever you want to find something on the internet, you write your query directly in the search engine. Millions of websites come in search engines in the search result. Some websites work and some websites just write trashes.

How do you find your query? The Google search engine’s algorithm says that it will first explore your query. Whatever the best content has written according to your query, Google search engine brings it to the number one.

How to Find a File Type in Google Search

Now, how do I searches the website, here I will tell my personal experience. Like I have to search any book. That book should have a pdf file format. What I do, I write the name of the book and pdf together. See Example: Book name + Filetype:pdf 

The search engine will give directly the pdf file link of that book. Whenever you click, the PDF file will start downloading in your browser. By doing so you can write any file format. Write file type after FILETYPE: Whatever file you want to search for. As such, mp3, mp4, pdf, mov, doc, etc.

Examples: Write following in search bar.

  • For Mp3 songs – (Song Name + Filetype:mp3)
  • For Video File – (Video Name + Filetype:mp4)
  • PDF file – ( PDF File Name + Filetype:PDF)
  • For Image File – (Image Name + Filetype:jpg)

How to Find a Website

If you want to search for any specific website, then I tell you a quick and fast way. If you search for a specific phrase then write it in quotation marks. Suppose you want to search, how to find a website. Google Search will show you the courage to search a large number of websites. In those websites, if you do not find any website, you will be disappointed. Right?

Now we take this quote again. HOW TO FIND A WEBSITE.  You do not have to do anything, just you just have to write your frames in the quotation marks. Example: Put (“) in starting and End of Phrase. “HOW TO FIND A WEBSITES”.

What Google will do now, the websites that match your frames exactly, only those websites will show up in the search engine. Now your job has been easy. Only search the related websites for your queries.

Bonus Tip

Apart from this, I tell you about a website in which you can search the website of any topic.  Whatever your tastes. Every category you are interested in will be on the website. The name of this website is

Below is a screenshot of this website.

444websites HomePage


This website contains all the categories in which you are interested. Like, Movies Websites, Shopping Websites, Socials Websites, Sports Websites, Car Websites, News Websites, Knowledge Websites, Travel Websites, Business Websites, Technology Websites, Education Websites, Health and Property Websites.

In these ways, you can search the related website for any of your queries. If any question is circulating in your mind then definitely ask by commenting below.

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