laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi

Does Your Device Keep Disconnecting From Wifi? Try These Simple Hacks To Avoid This.

Do you also face an issue where the laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi itself from your laptop?

The main reasons for this kind of problem can be-

1) Erroneous power settings related to the network.

2) Outdated or corrupted WIFI drivers.

3) Incorrect network configuration.

And many more.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily fixed. Let’s have a look at some hacks you can utilize in order to delete this issue.

laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi
laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi

Fix 1- Try running a network troubleshooter.

Windows troubleshooter in order to fix all the hardware or software problems affiliated with your device. 

Although they do not have the ability to fix each and every problem, the problem of your Wi-Fi being disconnected from your laptop can using this. The steps to do so are mentioned below-

Step 1-

In order to go to the troubleshoot tab in your Windows 10 device, click on the start option and then locate and click on the update and security option.

Step 2-

Now locate the function of network connections and then click on Run the troubleshooter option.

Step 3-

Finally finished the process by following all the onscreen instructions present on your device.

Fix 2- Try restarting your laptop and the network devices connected to it.

Sometimes when your laptop keeps disconnecting from your Wi-Fi very frequently, try restarting your laptop and your router along with it in order to reset all the network settings and fix the issue that you are facing.

Step 1-

Shut down your laptop and unplug the power cable connected with it.

Step 2-

Turn of the router connected with their laptop and also disconnect the power cable from it. 

Step 3-

Leave all the devices in this condition for approximately a minute or more.

Step 4-

Now once again connect all the power cables and the router to your laptop and then turn off the router and laptop.

Step 5-

Finally, connect a laptop to the wireless connection and check whether the issue that you are facing

Fix 3- Try configuring Power Management on your device. 

At times there are situations where your laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi. This might happen when your system turns on power savior and disconnects wifi.

To fix this issue try reconsidering the power saver settings of your device. The steps to do so are mentioned below:

Step 1- Press Windows and R is on your laptop at once in order to open the run dialogue box.

Now type ncpa. cpl In the dialogue box and then hit enter.

Step 2-

Now right-click on your Wi-Fi adaptor option on the bottom of your screen and then click on the option of properties.

Step 3-

Click on configure and go to the power management option to ensure that the box of allowed this computer to turn off the device to save power remains unchecked.

Step 4- In this laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi Blog, Finally click on ok to save the above changes.

Fix 4- Try resetting TCP/IP Configuration.

Resetting TCP or IP settings to the default function might also help your laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi issue. The steps to do mentioned below.

Step 1- Start by running the command prompt as an administrator on your device.

Step 2- Nowinput the below-mentioned commands one after the other and press enter after inputting each one-

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset c:\restlog.txt

Step 3- Finally restart your laptop.

Fix 5- Try updating or reinstalling your Wi-Fi adaptor device.

Sometimes an outdated, corrupted, or faulty adaptor driver can also cause the issue of the laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi. In this case, try updating or installing the Wi-Fi adaptor driver of your device. To proceed with this you can directly to the device manager, or you can also directly download the latest driver online and try to install it on your laptop.

Fix 6- Try switching your network from public to private.

In this laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi Blog, It is also a known fact that your Wi-Fi make causes glitching if the network is set to public in place of private. try fixing this issue by changing your network connection to private by making changes in the network settings of your device.


We know how irritating it can be to do again and again keep connecting your Wi-Fi as it keeps disconnecting frequently from your laptop. We hope that all the 6 above-mentioned and introduced fixes might help you in providing a better and smooth experience while using a wireless network from a router or phone.

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