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Do Your Windows Also Show “your Location Is Currently In Use”? Here’s How To Fix It

All the devices having Windows 10 offer you a feature of location services that can tell some applications present on your device where your actual physical location is. Whenever any app tries to access the location, you will see a round icon on your screen. Apps like maps, mails, and calendars have probable chances of using your location.

The round icon present on your screen depicts that “your location is currently in use”. Sometimes it also displays a message “your location has been recently accessed”. When you have willingly turned on the location, then it is fine. But at times it is really annoying when you receive the icon of location turned on without turning it on willingly. It might also arise from privacy reasons due to sharing of your location.

Below mentioned are some solutions that you can adopt in order to get rid of this problem.

Solution 1- Try disabling your location via settings.

The first and foremost step that you can do in order to avoid this problem is by disabling your location in the settings of your device. 

You can turn on the location when you want to and disable it when you do not want to share the location with certain apps. To do this follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1- Navigate your path to the settings option by clicking on start.

Step 2- Now click on privacy and enter the panel of the location interface.

Step 3- Under the location option turn the slider off to turn off the location for this device.

Solution 2- Try controlling all the apps that can access your location.

If there are some unwanted apps that are accessing your location and you want to block it instead of disabling the feature of location completely, you can customize and set all the programs or applications that are allowed to access your location on the Windows 10 device. In order to do so follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Navigate your path to the settings option by clicking on start.

Step 2- Now click on privacy and enter the panel of the location interface.

Step 3- Scroll down your screen and find the option of choose apps that can use your precise location. Now customize the permissions according to your needs.

Solution 3- Try modifying your registry.

Whenever the “your location is currently in use” icon appears on your screen, you can choose the option to edit the registry and remove it from your screen. you have to be aware of the cautionary warning that changing Windows registry is a process of advanced level and might also cause damage to your PC.

To be on the safer side and in order to prevent damage, we recommend you to a backup history of all the default registry keys. After you have done so follow The below steps-

Step 1- Open the run dialogue box by clicking on the windows and R keys on your keyboard at once. Now in the run dialogue box input Regedit and hit enter.

Step 2- Navigate the below-mentioned key-


Step 3- After doing this, double-click on the status key and change the value of its data to 0.

Solution 4- Try hiding the location icon.

If you have no problem with your physical location, but you want to remove the “your location is currently in use” icon from your taskbar so that you do not see it all the time, you get an option to hide the icon. Follow the below-mentioned steps to hide the location icon.

Step 1- Open the settings of your Windows 10 device and go to the system followed by clicking on personalization.

Step 2- Now go to the taskbar tab and then select which icon appears on the taskbar.

Step 3- Finally customize your taskbar by turning off the location notification.

Step 4- Now again go back to the taskbar and click on the option to turn system icons off or on the link.

Step 5- Find the option of location and slide it towards the offside.


We truly understand how important privacy concerns are when it comes to various apps accessing your location. in this article we try to introduce all the favorable methods that you can adopt in order to keep your location private. We hope that this helped you.