10 Best Android Jarvis App (Personal Assistant App) 2020

Best Android Jarvis App. Firstly, we talk about personal assistant apps. Personally, Assistant Applications means of personal and assist meaning which works for us. The app means the Android app. Siri, Cortana, Google Home, Alexa and many such are Assistant Apps that awaken people on Artificial Intelligence how they can use these apps to improve their lives.

The best android Jarvis app works as if sending someone an email, to reply to someone’s phone, to get access to Google Maps, set a reminder. etc. there are many more such features, But like Apple’s Siri App there is not a personal assistant app for Android users. That’s why there is an application in Android which has been named Google Assistant but without Google Assistance Apps, there are so many apps on the Play Store that Google Assistant, which we can say is that it works like Android Apps Jarvis.

So let me tell you about similar apps that will work as a personal assistant, acting like Jarvis and will be different from Apple’s Siri.

10 Best Android Jarvis App

  • Virtual Assistant DataBot
  • Lyra Virtual Assistant
  • Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant
  • Sherpa Assistant
  • Robin Al Voice Assistant
  • Google Assistant
  • Ultimate Alexa – The Voice Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Speech Notes – Speech to Text (Recommended)
  • Jarvis Artificial Intelligent


Click on the screenshot to download the application.

1. Virtual Assistant DataBot

[appbox googleplay com.testa.databot]

Data bottle is a great app that can do a lot of work for you. You can also write and write in a voice. This app is not even better and is not too cheap. You can use it in smartphone phones and laptops. As long as it is free, it is fine that there is an ad in it, which can be taken away from you by purchasing it, This app also tells Jokes and performs such small tasks. It has a special feature that speaks your language. The language that is available in it is English Spanish French Italian German etc. There is also a chat board that will talk to you and perform small tasks such as your reply to SMS, replies to the social network, email reply, etc.

2. Lyra Virtual Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.artificialsolutions.teneo.va.prod]

LYRA is your Personal Artificial Intelligence Assistant, whatever you talk about, you can understand this application very well. This application plays YouTube videos. You speak any word in it. This application translates it into any language. Helps you find any local restaurant. The alarm also sets. Your contact also searches. In such a case, whenever you want to go out, you can also see that they show the Forecast application and also search the Internet, whatever you write, whatever you will say. This is a great Android application.

3. Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.multiverse.jarvis]

This is Google’s great application in the application. This application is easily understood by the Hindi English Tamil Chinese Indonesian French-German. If any question is going on in your mind, then you ask this application. This very good way and very soon you can show the answer to the question of the screen right now. Those who are fond of selfies, just say in this application that if we take our selfies then this application takes the selfie. This application is great for information about this match of your football match, information from Google Maps and anything you want to download from the Internet or to call someone or give the answer to someone’s friend. This application is great. >It is also possible to use other social networks such as WhatsApp’s Skype, which also works on them according to their capabilities.

4. Sherpa Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.sherpa.asistentesherpa]

This Application has a powerful algorithm that can predict your interest. This means Artificial Intelligence Voice Control is such an application that anybody will do any work that will make it very fast as an assistant on Android device. In this application, you can make an Interest List, that can navigate, and do so many applications of such work in a very fast and simple way. This application works very fast if you want to find a social media network such as Facebook Whatsapp or find another image on the Internet. This Application is the best in weather search.

5. Robin Al Voice Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.magnifis.parking]

It also works like the other application, but it has been provided with a few more commands. In this, you can see any news on your screen by speaking such as news, entertainment, world news headlines, business news, and technology world news, etc. You can send the voice message to anybody and you can also send text messages to anyone. Set reminders and set alarms. If you are in a place or a gas station or a parking lot then you can speak in this application that if there is a gas station near me, then this application will tell you very much about the gas station information.

6. Google Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.googleassistant]

Google Assistant application comes in almost every mobile and can call anyone in this application. Text messages also can set a reminder, but can set calendar events can play any music You can play YouTube music. You can watch videos, you can see Weather information. You can also easily see the latest news. The application is very good.

7. Ultimate Alexa – The Voice Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.customsolutions.android.alexa]

Alexa released on the Android platform and still. In this application, you can make a shopping list while you are getting outside. Just Speak and make a list. If you are a music lover you can play music from various platforms and access unlimited music. Just say “Alexa” to wake up this application for getting command. Other good features like Wikipedia Entries, Shopping list, News Headlines, Weather forecast, to-do list, Amazon Echo show, etc. Browse and play with the application for great other features.

You can also access all these features with your OS watch by connecting to your smartphone. In my opinion, this application is better than Amazon Alexa original App. Try Now.

8. Personal Assistant

[appbox googleplay com.aw.todoreminder]

This application is a new application and the size of this application is very small. This app is great for small tasks like setting a reminder to customize the reminder to repeat Daily Weekly Monthly This application also has a choice of speech to text in which you only have to speak and it will be written on its own. You will love the UI design of this application.

9. Speech notes – Speech to Text

[appbox googleplay co.speechnotes.speechnotes]

This is not a Jarvis app or personal assistant but I added because Other Jarvis app access your voice command to do a task like play music, send a message or email, open camera, to-do list, weather forecast, etc. But here you cannot access these feature except Notes. make a to-do list, shopping notes by speaking. You can share or print just by one click. it automatically saves your work.

Once you tap on mic it will record your message. but you never have to speak continuously. you can breathe in between sentences and speak again. It will not stop. I’m using this app. You must try if you want only notes of your daily task and long dictations.

10. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

[appbox googleplay com.pa.gs.ai]

You have heard of an application in Iron Man, whose name is Jarvis, the same application works the same way. I tell about its features. The application works just as the above-mentioned application works. It is the most intelligent feature, its voice control and you can call the number with this voice control and set the alarm. You can open any application installed on the Android device. You can open the WiFi Bluetooth Flashlight with your voice command. Can read the date and battery applications This application reads your incoming messages easily. You can also set your command in this. This is a great application.

This is our list of best android Jarvis app. If you liked the list of applications, then comment below and if you have a better application in your mind then you can comment. Enjoy

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