What is the difference between Web Host and Web Server

difference between web host and web server
Difference between web host and web server

Some people are always living in the confusion, what is the difference between Host and Server. But today I will talk about it and how both hosts and servers work. When the host and server are spoken, the client also mentions.

With the client, it becomes easy to understand both. Therefore, it is also important to understand the client. Let’s talk about it now.

This is the question that everybody should know how this web host finally works. Is there any different trick that we should understand? I’ll tell you about it now.
First, it is not such a big thing that you can not understand it.

In simple language, I explain. Whenever we, whether I am buying a website’s domain from a domain company, the biggest thing that comes after buying a domain is selecting the hosting.

When you search by writing the best hosting on the Internet, there are thousands of websites that will show the review of hosting the Web hosting’s flaws and features. But we are just taking web hosting as examples.

After selecting the hosting, you set up your website on that hosting and pay the fees paid by the hosting company every month for their service. By now, you understand.

Now by paying the hosting company every month, year fee, you can keep all website data in the company’s host server. The company provides you with the facility of website data and other facilities such as getting certificates, backing up the website.

Let’s now come to the point: Any web hosting that operates your website is the server.  If you write a post on your website, then it goes from your Internet Service Provider to a unique IP address to the hosting company’s server.  They have a lot of different servers to access the visitor’s website from here.

At the end of this article: I have written a simple example that has explained with the bookstore example. You understand that the entire structure of the web server, web host, a web client, with that instance.

You can also make your own computer a server, but it will have to take a powerful server processor and the computer needs to install the server’s software. If after doing all this, the cost of your month will also increase and maintenance of the server comes with the cost of updating it separately.

Which is not possible for a domestic user? That’s why we buy hosting from a web hosting company, which we have to pay month-to-month.

Difference between Web Host and Web Server


A web host can be a service that has access to an Internet server. People or small corporations can neither afford their Internet servers nor get high-speed connections to the server nor keep them constantly updated.

To understand from an example, web host companies such as HostGator, GoDaddy Hosting, Blue Host, and many other hosting companies.
These hosting companies allow you to operate and access your website with the help of web server software and powerful computers provided by them.

A web-hosting company offers those services with some monthly or annual fees.


In simple language, the web server is a powerful computer that runs software. (It can be both Computer and Software). Now, what is this software that the computer runs? This software is a Web Server that works to access any website.

Web servers like Apache, Google Web server, etc. run the software. We can also call this software a web server.

To make your laptop a web server, you need to install a web server software, and both web server and the computer will work together and run Internet server code.

To allow individuals to connect to your server, you will undoubtedly try to forward the connection to an additional router or firewall. If your informational address changes, there will be a problem informing your name on your system to do the calculations on your ISP.

It is not straightforward to place an Internet server that the UN agency does not understand is doing anything, and your affiliation is probably too slow to support a lot of guests.


A client that connects the website with an online web server. The most common client is a Web browser that lets you access any website when you enter the address in the address bar. The web server can serve many clients;

For example, serving web content on many connected browsers at the same time is the job of a web server. It is not possible without all the clients.


  • Imagine a website like a book.
  • A web host is a bookstore.
  • A web server is a book rack.
  • A Client is a customer that retrieves websites from web servers.
  • Except on the Internet, the book authors pay for having their books stand in the store.

I hope you have understood this way. If you still understand nothing, then you can comment below. We will respond to that comment within 4 hours. Enjoy

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