43 Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox Browsers

43 Keyboard Browser Shortcut for Chrome, Firefox Web-Browser

43 Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox Web-Browsers: Many times it happens that I do not want to use the mouse on my web browser. In this situation, I use keyboard shortcuts. With keyboard shortcuts, you can work faster in a web browser. Instead of using a mouse to move from one tab to another, using keyboard shortcuts can work quickly.

Today you are going to be an expert in keyboard shortcuts. I’ll tell you the keyboard shortcuts, which you will soon be able to sit in mind forever.

Lets Start:


  1. Ctrl + T (Open New Tab)
  2. Ctrl + Shift + N ( Open Incognito Window)
  3. Ctrl + W (Close tab shortcut Firefox & Chrome)
  4. Ctrl + Tab (Switch Between Tabs) Tab always works for Switching.
  5. Ctrl + 1 to 8 (Jump from left to right or from left to right to the corresponding number of tabs)
  6. Ctrl + 9 (Jump to Last Opened Tab)
  7. Ctrl + N (Open New Window of Web Browser)
  8. Alt + F4 ( Close the Current Browser window)
  9. Ctrl + Shift + T (Open Previously closed Tab)
  10.  Alt + Home (Open the Home page of Browser in Current Tab)


  1. Backspace (Go to the previous page)
  2. Alt + Left Arrow ( Go to the previous Page)
  3. Alt + Right Arrow (Go to forward from the previous page)


  1. F5 ( Reload or Refresh Web Page)
  2. Ctrl + R ( Reload or Refresh Web Page)
  3. Esc ( Stop Loading the Web Page)
  4. Ctrl + S (Save the Current web page in your computer for Offline Reading)
  5. Ctrl + H (Open Browsing History Tab Chrome & Firefox)
  6. Ctrl + Shift + Delete (Open Browing History Delete Option)
  7. Ctrl + D (Add Bookmark opened Tab)
  8. Ctrl + Shift + D ( Add all opened Tab in Bookmarks)
  9. Ctrl + Shift + B (Show Bookmark Bar)
  10. Ctrl + Shift + O (Open Bookmark Manager)

Address Bar

  1. Ctrl + L (Jump in Address Bar and Enter New Address) You can come out of Address Bar by hitting TAB button.
  2. Ctrl + ENTER (Add www and .com in the name of the website you entered. For Example: Enter “Techgill” in the address bar and hit Ctrl + Enter. it will open www.techgill.com automatically.)
  3. F6 (Jump in Address Bar and Enter New Address)


  1. Home Button (Go to Top of the Web page you opened)
  2. End Button (Go to Bottom of the Web page you opened)
  3. Page Down Button (Go to Down Through Entire Web page)
  4. Page Up Button ( Go to Up Through Entire Web Page)

Chrome & Firefox Zoom shortcut

  1. Ctrl + (Zoom in Webpage)
  2. Ctrl – (Zoom out Webpage)
  3. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up (Zoom In)
  4. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down (Zoom Out)
  5. Ctrl + 0 (Set Default Zoom)

Other browser shortcuts

  1. F11 (Full Screen)
  2. Shift + Esc (Open Task Manager)
  3. Mouse Middle Click (Scroll Entire Web page)
  4. Ctrl + U (chrome view source shortcut)
  5. Ctrl + P (Print Current Tab)
  6. Ctrl + J (Open Downloads Page)
  7. Ctrl + F (Find Anything on Opened Web Page)
  8. Ctrl + O (by this, you can Open file stored in your Computer on Web Browser. You can watch the video in the browser if you don’t have a Video player. You can open Images, PDF Files, in the browser also.)
  9. Ctrl + R (chrome reload page shortcut)

If you practice these shortcuts, you will easily remember. I say that not only from today but from now on start using these shortcuts. With these shortcuts, it will be easy for you to browse every single browsing and you will also look, expert.

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