Download Right Now Tik Tok video without Watermark – Works quickly

2 Easy Ways to Download musically videos Without Watermark (TikTok)

How to Download tiktok videos without Watermark: Chart of top-ranking applications in the Play Store, TikTok gets the best growing application space.
However, for the people who are new users of TikTok. The name of the application has changed to TikTok. In this app, you have to make 15 to a 30-second video. If you do not want to create videos, then you can enjoy watching other people’s videos.

If you are feeling dull, then with this app, you can divert your mood. Millions of people post videos on this app every day.
There are many types of videos, like Funny, Dialogue, Action, Dance, Belly Dance, and lots of entertainment.

People want to share the video of TikTok, but they have to share the link with the video which nobody likes. Most of the TikTok user asks the same question that can we download videos musically? The answer is YES; you can download. I’m here to talk about this, how to download videos in Android, iPhone, and in the computer from the TikTok app. You can also download videos musically for WhatsApp status.


In TikTok App, you can download videos in only two steps. Most TikTok users share videos publicly. Some user-made changes in privacy setting, they privatize the video download option.

Lets Download.

Step 1. –  Go to the video which you want to Download.

Step 2. – Tap on the Share Button at Right Side of Screen and then Tap on Save Video from Option.

Wait till the video downloaded. You will see write in the message on the screen that your video has downloaded.


Let’s now download TikTok’s video without a watermark. The advantage of downloading videos without the watermark: no branding logo and username will be on video.

Here we use an app whose name is “Video Downloader for TikTok.”
First, download this app. Download Now

[appbox googleplay]

Step 1. – Open TikTok app and Locate that video you want to download.

Step 2. – Tap on Share Button and Tap Copy Link.

Step 4. – Open Video Downloader for TikTok app, and Tap on Copy Link and Download Video.

Step 4. – Paste the link and Tap on Download.

Your Video will be Download in Phone Storage.

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Here is a Website called Musicallydown where you can download video online.

Step 1. – Open TikTok App, and Locate That video you can to Download.

Step 2. – Tap on Share Button and then Copy Link.

Step 3. – Go to this website on your Web Browser.

Step 4. – Paste TikTok Video link on Website and Click on Download.

Step 5. – You see, the video has started playing. You can download the video by clicking on Download Arrow on Video Player.

Pro Tip: Another great option for downloading TikTok videos is the SSSTikTok Downloader. It’s easy to use and allows you to download watermarked and non-watermarked videos.

Enjoy TikTok Videos Offline.

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7 thoughts on “Download Right Now Tik Tok video without Watermark – Works quickly

  1. Thanks for the nice post. This app doesn’t seem to work anymore. Some videos show the download button, some don’t. I’m now using to download videos. It gives me the video download URL for pretty much every share URL I throw at it.

  2. some videos dont give the URL or a save option to download the video, any suggestions on how to download these videos??

    1. TikTok cannot hide links to any video. There is always a link show to share a video.
      You can click on the share button of the video. When you click on the share button, you will get the option of the copy URL.
      From this you can copy the URL.

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