Remove “ has stopped” Error in 3 Minutes

The most common error that comes with the Android smartphone is the error of “ has stopped“. I once saw this error in my mobile. Then I had the Samsung Galaxy S3. I searched on the internet but did not get any working method which can solve my problem. I try out all the methods But the best way to remove this error from me, I am sharing it with you today. If this method works in your mobile too, then share with those friends who are having trouble with this error.

First, let me tell you what is the real reason for this error coming.

  • The most common reason is that you may have installed custom ROMs on your phone. (Custom ROM, that is, an operating system made by an ordinary person that does not match with your phone).
  • Second, install a third-party application on the phone. (Meaning by a third-party application that is not created by a vendor developer).

This problem came in my Android phone when a third-party application was installed. My operating system was exactly the same as that given in the Samsung’s unboxed phone.

So let’s talk about the solutions to this problem. Here I have written 3 methods that worked for me.

Method 1: Install Official Firmware Only

Custom ROM was installed in all the mobile phones of my friends who came in this error. Because they installed custom ROM with the rooted phone.When I installed the official firmware, the error “ has stopped” completely gone.

  • First Make Sure that you have not installed any custom ROMs in your mobile.
  • If you have installed a custom ROM downloaded from a nonofficial website, then uninstall it immediately and install the official firmware only.
  • Your error will only end after uninstalling custom ROMs.
  • Make sure to back up your phone before you step it up.

If you can install any official firmware then it’s great. If not, you can install firmware by going to your nearest mobile brand office. I believe this method will remove your “ has stopped” error completely.

Method 2: Uninstalling Google App’s Updates

In this method, you have to uninstall the update to the Google app. The reason for this is that the new updates from Google are not compatible with Android KitKat, due to this, you get to see this “ has stopped” error. Uninstall updates from your Android mobile according to the steps below.

  • First Go to Settings.
  • Then go to the Application manager.
  • On Application Manager Screen, Swipe Left and Go on All tab.
  • Locate Google App from List and Click on it.
  • and Press Uninstall Updates and Click OK then press Uninstall.

After you do all this step, this error will be deleted. After this, you have to turn off the automatic update. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the Play Store App.
  • Search for “Google”.
  • Locate Google App and click on it.
  • On the right side corner, you have to click three dots.
  • After clicking on three dots, uncheck the Auto-Update.
  • You are Done.

I did this method first and I completely erased this  “ has stopped” error from this method.

Method 3: Format Mobile phone from Recovery Mode

I did not use this last step on my phone. But I had a friend, in his mobile, this error got out of this step. And I did this step myself in his phone and finish the error. So I will definitely share this method with you. By the way, the above two methods have been described as 100{c01fd01664d6978ff380ee0405e352777a6a44320fa806b062c63fc854916434} chances your “ has stopped” Error flushed out from the phone.

I am sure to check the third party application installed in your phone before doing this Reset Method.

Let’s talk about this third method.

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Volume Up + Home + Power Key. These three buttons have to be pressed together.
  • You will move in the phone’s recovery mode.
  • With Volume key, Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and Press Power Key to Enter.
  • In the next Option, Select Erase All user data.
  • then Reboot the Device.

This method is very likely to get you out from this has stopped” error. This method worked very well in my friend’s Samsung s3.
I will recommend here that you must first backup your phone and keep it up.
Whatever you have filled in the email address in Google Play Store. Write down E-mail ID and password. In this method, your phone will be completely reset, it will be like a brand new operating system.

Whatever you have filled in the email address in Google Play Store. Write down their email ID and password, but definitely. In this method, your phone will be completely reset, it will be like a brand new brand.

Carefully do all these steps. I hope these steps can help you get out from this has stopped” Error from your Android Mobile Phone.

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