If you Facing Google Play Services Battery Drain Problem? Here is Solution

If you Facing Google Play Services Battery Drain Problem? Here is Solution The number of new phones coming in most of the screen is increasing the size of the screen and the size of the battery is decreasing. Your phone will end up like this too much battery, and we will treat it today in this article. This is a common problem which everyone is making up. Today we will talk about how you can get rid of this problem. The very same reason that Google’s Play Service is supposed to be that the battery is running out but there are many other reasons behind which we will talk about.

When I bought the Redmi 3S phone, it was a great battery backup. But today there is a lot of difference in its battery backups, even though my phone’s battery is also 4000 mAh amps, why the battery backup is only for 6 and 7 hours? First of all, I first fully analyzed the battery on my phone that no third party application is reducing my battery backup. Whenever I went to the Battery Charging option I first saw the Google Play service. I wanted to uninstall that Google Play service but it was impossible to do this. Then I started to understand about the end of the Google Play service.

I have got rid of this problem and today my mobile battery backs up to 16 hours. Whether I browse the internet all day or not, to Facebook. So let’s get rid of this problem.

How to find out which application is consuming our mobile battery?

First of all, you have to go to your mobile’s battery option. Almost all battery options are found in the mobile settings. You will have to go to Settings, later on, to click on the battery. When you click on the battery, you will get two options, from which you have to see that the option to use Power Usage or Battery Usage will give you complete details.

Settings> Battery > Battery Usage (Samsung mobile and other Brands) or Power Usage (mi Mobiles)

Now you will see here how many applications are running in the background. Which is continuously consuming your battery? You will see that the application of the Google Play service name will also be running in the background. We can disable this application but cannot uninstall from the phone. After all, what happens with this application that keeps on continuously consuming the battery.

What is the Google Play service?

Many Google packages come in the Google Play service. Like Google, Account Manager, Google Sync Data, Google Background Updates, Google Location, Google Third Party Service, all come in the package of Google Play service. They all keep walking in the background if you do not disable them. If you are accessing more than one email in Gmail App, its direct impact on the Google Play service. Even if your GPS is always turned on, it still has an impact on the Google Play service. After reading this thing you would have understood this simple that what is the Google Play service. I have explained to you in a very easy language.

The solution for Facing Google Play Services Battery Drain Problem

First of all, keep in mind the following.

  • Never charge the mobile battery more than 80 percent.
  • Do not charge the battery over and over.
  • Never work on mobile while charging the battery.

Now it is important to keep in mind that the services which we are going to disassociate, you can disable it according to your own if you use it most.

1. Disabling Google Play Services

  • First, go to mobile Settings
  • Then Go to the Installed application
  • Select the Google application from the list there.
  • Then you select App Permission
  • There you will get a Google App permission as shown in the photo below. All permissions will be made. You have to disassociate them all according to which you do not need them.
Google Play Services Battery Drain list and disable
Google Play Services Battery Drain list and disable

Here I am disabling Calendar, Camera, Contact, Location, SMS and Telephones. I have just enabled Microphone and Storage as I am using Google Assistant by the microphone. For Storage, I store my files on Google Drive direct from Gallery.

Note: In the same way you can also disable permissions of other applications listed there.

2. Stop Auto Sync Data in Background

Auto-sync data always keeps going in the background if it is enabled. Let me tell you what is the sync data in short. Whenever you make any changes in any Gmail account you associate with a third party application, your auto sync data shares that third-party application retail with you and shares your details with a third party. If you change something a bit, then Auto Sync Data starts reducing the same time Internet and Battery.

For Redmi Mobiles

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Sync
  • Disable Auto-Sync data

Click on Google from Sync List and see which Google accounts are syncing automatically. You can disable them as Photo Shown below.

For Other Brands.

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to the Accounts
  • Click on Three Dots on Right and  Disable Auto Sync Data.

Accessing more than one Google Account also influences the backup of the battery. You can delete any Google Account by going to the Sync Option and selecting Google.

With these two simple steps, you can have a great backup of your battery. This is both a very easy step which anyone can do easily. I hope these two steps increase your battery back up to four-five hours more. Enjoy

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