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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently with Easy Steps 2019

In this ultimate guide, learn how to delete Facebook from small to a large portion. Know everything about Downloading and deletion of FB.

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Delete Facebook Account Permanently: I do not think anyone wants to delete their Facebook account in today’s time.

But still there are so many Facebook users who want to get rid of Facebook. They want to delete the Facebook account every time. They would not know where to get Facebook to remove and how to do it.

There are many reasons for deleting Facebook. Just like someone has hacked your profile, missing your photos on Facebook, having trouble with Facebook’s lousy addiction. There can be many such causes.

I will share with you today how to deactivate and delete Facebook accounts permanently.

Difference between Deactivate and Delete Facebook

After deactivating Facebook of what most Facebook users do, we think now we have entirely deleted Facebook. But there is a lot of difference in Deactivate and Delete.

When you Deactivate Facebook Account:

  • People can’t see your Timelines and Profile.
  • Nobody will search for you.
  • Your friend will continue to see whatever messages you send and make them.
  • You can always reactivate your Facebook account by entering the log ID details.
  • Facebook stores the complete information of your profile on the server.
  • In it, you are not away from Facebook.

When you Delete Facebook Account:

  • You can never access your profile.
  • When you put a request for delete, then Facebook takes 90 days to delete your profile and data entirely.
  • Within 90 days, you can once again log in and cancel the Facebook delete request.
  • After the Facebook account is deleted, it will remove all your information from the Facebook server.
  • It also deletes all your messages.
  • If you are the administrator of a page, then you have to make someone else an administrator. Otherwise, the page also gets deleted together.
  • All the apps and games you have played with the Facebook account will be deleted forever.
  • You can cancel a Facebook delete request again by logging in again.

So let’s talk about how to delete the Facebook account and how to deactivate it.

How to deactivate Facebook account

If you have read above and understood that I have to deactivate Facebook, then read this step. Deactivating a Facebook account is very easy. Follow the steps given below.

  • On your Facebook Homepage, Click on Down Arrow (Shown in Image Below)
Click on Down Arrow Shown in Image.
Click on Down Arrow Shown in Image.
  • Click on Settings in Menu.
  • Select General Tab at left hand top corner.
  • Click on Manage Account.
  • Then Click on Deactivate Your Account. Shown in Image Bellow
delete facebook account permanently
Deactivate Your Account
  • It will ask your current Facebook password.
  • Enter Password and Click Continue.
  • Your Account Will be deactivated immediately.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Before deleting Facebook, you must download your Facebook data right away. It is, therefore, necessary to download the information when you can again create a Facebook ID once you upload it.

Follow the steps given below to download the data.

  • Visit Settings from most Facebook Homepage.
  • Now click on “Your Account Information.”
  • Click “Download Your Information.”
  • It will open the page according to the photo shown below.
Select Your Data and Information
Select Your Data and Information
  • In the Data Range, you can select how much time to download the data.
  • Leave the Format HTML only.
  • Let Media Quality stay at high.
  • Now click on Create File.
  • It will take one to two minutes, and you will download the file.

This way, you can keep all the Facebook data stored on your computer.

Now we talk about deleting Facebook. Follow the steps given below.

  • First, go to the same settings.
  • Click “Your Account information.”
  • Click on “Delete Your account and Information.

Note: When you click on Delete Your Account, a new dialogue box will open where you will see four options.

In the FIRST option, they will ask you to deactivate Facebook. In the SECOND option, they will ask you to download Facebook’s information, which you have already downloaded. The THIRD option will ask to change the admin of your Facebook page. If you do not change the admin of the Facebook page, then it will also delete your page with the profile. In the FOURTH option will ask about your application which you have accessed with the Facebook id.

  • Now click on Delete Account.
  • Fill in the password and click Continue.
  • Within 90 Days, they will delete Your Facebook account for Permanent.

In this way, you can delete and deactivate your Facebook account.

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