Ultimate Smartphone Buying Guide 2020

Ultimate Smartphone Buying Guide 2020: The smartphone has become an important part of our life which no one can live without. It has its own demand.

Some people use the smartphone only as a business, Some people use a smartphone as an entertainment and Some people use smartphones to connect with social networks. There was a time when selecting mobile was very easy. We could easily buy Mobile from Some Well-known brands.

But in today’s time, it is not possible that you buy any mobile easily. Every day millions of companies take their mobile in the market. Looking at all the companies, it starts to matter in the mind of which mobile should purchase.

Looking at the little thick specification, everyone makes mobile deal easily. But when a new technology is updated, your mobile becomes outdated. We can not run with technology and neither can be behind technology. So a very critical problem arises here, which mobile should be bought at all.

Whenever you buy a new mobile, what do you first see? You always see that its camera quality is great. Its RAM is 4GB or 8GB. In this mobile, two cameras are mounted on the backside and a third camera is on front. But there is a lot of specification which is very important to look at.

Today I will tell you about such a 5 specification which you can easily select any mobile.

Things You Should not Ignore

Charging Speed
Charging Speed

Charging Speed:

What is the use of a mobile that sticks to charging all day? For this, you should first look at the specification of the charger and see how much mobile is charging on ampere.

How quickly the mobile is charging depends on the building of the phone and the strength of the power and charger. I have also written an article about increasing the speed of charging so that you can increase the charging speed of mobile to 70 percent. All mobile phones coming in 2018 support fast charging. Even today’s upcoming mobile supports C type USB. C Type USB has replaced all the old USB A, USB B, USB A Plus, USB Micro, USB Mini Plus, all these. It is quick and Faster than all other USB types.

Nowadays, all the personal computers are coming, the motherboard is ported to the USB Type C. USB c-type is considered to be the fastest charging technology in today’s time.

Keep in mind that if you buy a mobile now, it is important to have USB Type C.


The processor is called the brain of the computer. If the brain is weak then you can understand how it will work. Similarly, having a strong processor means having a low hanging problem of mobile. The strongest and most powerful processor running in today’s time is the Snapdragon 845. This processor gets one of these builds in OnePlus 6t.

If we talk about the processor’s company then Android mobile processors come in two types of processors, one Qualcomm, and the second MediaTek. Apple company prepares with its own processor. Apple Company’s Most Latest Processor A11.

If we talk about the specification of the processor then the processor works on the clock rate. I have written an article in the entire detail about the processor, you can read what the processor would eventually do. The earliest clock rate is 1.5 GHz quartz core, octa core, hex core, and dual core.

The higher the processor’s core, the higher the multi-tasking. And if the core of the processor is less then multitasking is difficult. At the same time, clock rate has to be seen too much clock means more speed.

Internal modem:

The whole world is going towards 5G. The model in your mobile is responsible for wireless Internet traffic, mobile signals (mobile antenna). Therefore it is very important to see the modem.

Whenever you connect your mobile to WiFi, it is very important to see the download speed and uploading speed. If download speed is low and you will be less load speed, then your modem is responsible for it. WiFi modem is only responsible if you exchange any files with third-party applications such as Share it, Mi Drop, with any other mobile. Now you can understand the importance of WiFi Modem.

If the WiFi modem is doing a great job at the Low battery, then it means that your battery backup will be far more than average. Because the inbuilt model in the pre-2018 mobile phone has a lot of consensus on its battery.

IP Rating

The IP rating of mobile determines how strong your mobile is against dust and water. IP means the ingress protection. IP rating is managed by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Suppose now the IP rating of mobile is IP68. The first digit that comes after the IP shows about the protection from the solid particle (dust). Dust protection measured from 0 to 6. This means that no dust can go inside of the mobile.

The second digit comes after the IP, it means liquid protection such as water. It ranges from 0 to 8. The best and the strongest protection is IP68 protection. Whenever you go to buy a new mobile, definitely check its IP rating. In the production of IP68, neither your mobile may be dusted nor water can go inside your mobile.

For more Information of IP Rating Go to IP RATING CHART

HDR support

HDR is very important for users watching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. After all, what is the HDR? HDR shows a wide range of colors and rich photos and Create full details whether in the dark or in the light. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 iPhone X supports both HD10 and also supports Dolby Vision. If you come up with a new mobile that supports HDR, then do not forget to see the quality of the display and the resolution of the display.



Mobile storage is a place where you can keep photo many other types of photos from the photo. Storage is always counted in GB. 1GB of 1024 MB is formed. If you are a simple user such as browsing the Internet, spreading time on social media with your friends, sharing photos of them with them. For this, you have 16 GB of storage best.

If you are fond of downloading songs or are fond of downloading videos then you can buy a phone with a minimum of 32GB of storage.

If you are fond of installing a lot of applications, you can use mobile with 32GB to 64GB of storage. Those who prefer to do gaming on the mobile should buy a phone ranging from 64GB to 128GB because the latest games that are available nowadays are not less than 500 MB. That’s why buying a phone with a lot of storage is beneficial for those who play the game.

Finger Print Sensor + Face ID/Face unlock

Whenever it comes to the security of your mobile, the most unbreakable lock comes from fingerprint only. The fingerprints of everyone’s fingers in the world are different and not the same. And all the new mobile phones that are coming in, there is a fingerprint storing option. In most mobile phones, the fingerprint scanner comes back side of the mobile. You can not unlock your mobile without your fingerprints. Along with this, the second Unbreakable Security option is available: Face ID or Face Unlock. The front camera of the mobile is the sensor with which your face picture goes in secure storage. Whenever you make your face in front of the mobile, the mobile locks itself automatically.

It is a Security lock that does not break, both fingerprint and face unlock. For your privacy, buy only the mobile which has both options, Face Unlock and fingerprint.



If we talk about a mobile camera, it is not necessary that the megapixel camera with the good camera gives good photo quality. It’s made to be a false one. All the cameras coming in nowadays for mobile are Portrait Mod Selfie Mode Triple Camera mode in which three cameras are found on the back side. Wide Angle Camera Mod 8x Zoom In 16X, These are usually found in all feature cameras.

This is the specification that is necessary to watch when buying a mobile. If you talk about the battery of the mobile, then the battery with more mAh has the good backup. As the 4000mah battery is usually found in every phone, if you take a battery of 2500mah to 3500mah, then it gets backed up to about 10 hours. If your mobile has a 4000 mAh battery then the backup is available from 15 hours to 18 hours. The battery backup depends on the phone itself and usage.

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