How to do Gmail Contacts Backup and Restore 2020

Google Contacts Backup: I often heard from my friend talking that How can we secure our phone contacts. This Securing Phone Contacts situation comes When they think about to Format/Change a Smartphone.

Question come in their minds:

  • What will happen to contact when the phone is formatted?
  • Where should we backup contacts?
  • What is Google Contacts Backup procedure?

Many of you guys also face that questions. What is the solution? I am discussing here How you can secure your Phone contacts. Here we go

Where Can You Save Contacts?

You can save contacts anywhere. If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you will save contacts in the phone memory or SIM card memory. But everyone has a Gmail account. For securing your connections backup them in google contacts. Mostly I was asked by my visitor, “Is google contacts are secure,” and my answer is YES, it is secure until you don’t reveal your password to anyone.

This is an ultimate guide to secure your contacts for the future.

Check your Contacts

First, We have to make sure where you are your saved contacts. We often do as usually press phone number and then Tap on Add to contact. But we never think contact protected in the phone memory or SIM card memory or Gmail Account. Follow steps below to check your current place of contacts.

  1. Tap on Dialer from Home Screen and then Tap on Contacts
  2. Click on Three dots upper right corner and Tap Settings
  3. Locate Configure contact list and Tap on it.

You’ll see where the actual your contacts are. There is also an alternative way to reach the Configure contact list. Go to Setting>System App Settings>Contacts

If your contacts saved on Phone, then you follow Next step for backup contacts to Gmail account. If contacts saved on Gmail, then skip to Import contacts from Gmail to Phone Memory.

How to Backup Contacts to Gmail account?

There are so many applications on play store for backup contacts to Gmail. But we use Google Contacts Android application here. Follow steps below to backup contacts to Gmail account.

  • Click on Screenshot to Download App.
[appbox googleplay]
  • Download and Install Application. then Open
  • Allow Permissions to sync contacts from Phone Memory.
  • Tap on your Profile at Right Top Corner of Application.
  • Then Select Device. ( if you have saved contacts in Phone memory then this Device option will be shown. otherwise not)

When you tap on Device, Google contacts automatically ask you to backup these contacts to Google. Click on Back up if you want to move all phone contacts to Gmail. If not then Tap on Don’t Back Up. You can do manually later by selecting particular Contacts.

Import contacts from Gmail to Phone Memory

If you learned How to Backup Contacts to Google Account, then that’s great, if not then go to backup procedure read carefully. Now its time to Import Contacts. You have formatted or changed Phone, and you also have a Gmail account where your contacts have saved.

Follow Steps Below for Creating VCF File

  • Download Google Contacts from Play Store.
  • Do the Same, Allow Permissions.
  • Sign in with that Gmail account where your contacts are backed up.
  • Tap on Left Three Horizontal Lines. Then Select Settings.
  • Scroll Down to Manage Contacts. Then Tap on Export.
  • Select Device then Tap on Export to a .vcf file.

VCF file is also called a vCard file. This file is only for storing Person Contacts, Business Contacts. It includes Names, Address, Phone Number, Email address, and other contacts.

  • Name it whatever you want to, and Save it.

Note: You can save that file in the same email address, or also in Device memory. If there is not showing Device Memory, Tap on three dots at the right upper corner and select Show SD Card.

You have successfully created a VCF file.

Import VCF Contacts file in Device Memory

Now you are at the last step.

  • Open Google Contacts, Tap on Three Horizontal Lines at the left top corner.
  • Go to Setting and Scroll Down to Manage contacts.
  • Tap on Import, Then Select Import Contact from .vcf file or SIM Card. Select .vcf File
  • Now Select Where you want to Save contacts from a .vcf file. I selected Device because I want to Import Contacts to Phone Memory.
  • Now Locate your saved .vcf File and Done.

You have Successfully Imported Contacts from Gmail account using Google Contacts. If you have the only .vcf file and not have Google Contacts Installed, Then go to Phone Contacts, Tap on Three Dots Right Top Corner Select Import/Export Contacts. It’s so easy to play with Google Contacts.

You can also do the same procedure for iPhone Smartphone. Create a VCF file and import it.

How to create a Group in Google Contacts

if you want to organize Gmail contacts, there is an option to create a group. Google named it Label. You can create labels to manage contacts list.  Follow the simple steps below.

  • Open Google Contacts app or Desktop Website
  • Tap on Three Horizontal Bars and Locate Create label. (You can find on the left side on the Desktop website.)
  • Give label name. For example: If you want to organize only friends number, name it “Friends.” If there are family contacts, then call it “Family.” So on.
  • Tap on “Add a contact” after creating a label and add by Taping on contacts name.  Tap and Hold contact to select multiple names.
  • You have successfully created a label.

How To Edit Label:

  • Rename label: Select Label that you want to rename. Tap on three dots on Right side upper corner and Select Rename label.
  • Delete label:  Select Label that you want to Delete. Tap on three dots on Right side upper corner and Select Delete label.
  • Delete Contact from Label: Tap and Hold Contact you want to Delete and Tap on Three Dots, Then Select Remove from the label.

Export Google Contacts to Excel

This feature is not available on Google Contacts Application. But you can create an Excel file. For this, you need to access Google Contacts website. It is possible on Web version. Follow the given steps Below

  • Open Google Contacts Website with you Gmail id where you have saved contacts.
  • Click on More from the left side menu. Then click Export.
  • A box will pop up. Select Contacts and then Click on Google CSV.
  • Then click on Export. Excel file will be downloaded in no time.

If you don’t want to export all the contacts, then first select contacts Export them.

Comment Below if you are still facing the problem.

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