How to Download Twitter Videos in Mobile and PC (2019)

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How to Download Twitter Videos: Twitter is among the most popular social media networking apps in the world. It’s known for being a go-to place for the breaking world news. Just a few months ago, the Notre Dame in Paris was on fire and the first mentions anywhere on the internet we’re on Twitter.

Twitter has come a long way from just being a place to share a short 120 character tweet with the world. Twitter has since expanded the number of characters to 240, and videos have since become a significant feature on the social networking app. Big news networks and everyday users are regularly publishing clips with over 500 million Tweets posted every day; Many of them have video clips.

Sure, watching video clips on Twitter is a sinch. But saving them to your computer or smartphone is another story. The platform doesn’t support a way for you to download videos, so users have to find alternatives for downloading and saving their favorite clips.

Downloading Twitter Clips to your PC

Twitter doesn’t make it easy for you to download videos posted on their social network. Thankfully, several tools allow you to download Twitter videos with little fuss easily.

  • To get started open up your favorite web browser, in my case, Google Chrome, and head over to the webpage. Login to your account to view your Twitter feed.
twitter login page
Twitter login page
  • Find the Tweet that contains the video that you would like to download to your PC. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the tweet and click the “show tweet link” button.
Twitter Video Save Link
Twitter Video Save Link
  • Copy the tweet link and head over to the Twitter video downloader web app which lets you easily save Twitter videos on any device.
  • Paste the link you copied in step 2 into the field on the homepage labeled “insert tweet link” and click the Get video button.
Paste Copied Link
Paste Copied Link
  • The page will refresh, and a list of download options will appear. In my case, three possible video options appeared with the highest quality version appearing first in the list. Click on any of the download buttons to start the video download process.

Select Video Quality

    Select Video Quality

This method works great and the best part of that it’s free, and you don’t need to install any software. Some people will prefer to install a third-party app to speed up the process, which brings me to the next option.

Save Twitter videos on your Android Phone

While the first option above does work for mobile devices, some people might find the whole process a bit slow. Thankfully there are several apps you can install on your mobile phone that will do the same job.

  • Head on over to either the Apple or Android app store and download the “+Download app.” You’ll need to install this to download Twitter videos to your device.
Install App Download 4 Instagram and Twitter
Install App Download 4 Instagram and Twitter
  • Once you’ve installed the app open your Twitter app and find the tweet with the video you want to download.
  • Hit the dropdown arrow and click the “Copy link to Tweet” button to save the tweet link to your clipboard.
Save Video Link
Save Video Link
  • Once you’ve copied the link to your clipboard, open the +Download app, and the video will be automatically visible. To download the video, click on the Blue Download button which will save the video to your device.
Save Twitter Videos
Save Twitter Videos

Occasionally you will come across videos that published on Twitter that aren’t hosted on their servers. Twitter only lets people publish videos up to 140 seconds long, so people often embed YouTube videos in their Tweets. If you do come across a video like that you can use the YouTube to Mp4 downloader to save them to your device.


Whether you want to download the videos to edit on your computer or to store for offline use, by following the two methods outlined above, you’ll be able to save any video you want from Twitter.

If you want to learn how to download Instagram Stories, then please check out the article we already published on that topic. Happy downloading!

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