how to boost wifi signal with aluminum foil

How to Boost Wi-fi Signal with Aluminium Foil?

We often face problem as to how to get the perfect wi-fi signal at our home. But even after repeated and new attempts, we are not able to do so. So, we have found a solution for you that will enable you to increase the wi-fi speed as per your convenience by a simple trick. The main cause why your wifi is not working properly is the lack of signal it is getting. Thus, you need to improve the signal to get the perfect speed of wifi.

How to Boost Wifi Signal with Aluminum Foil?

You can increase the speed of the wifi by using Aluminium foil by following simple steps that are listed below.


  • Aluminum Foil
  • A Box (Just similar to the size of a Router)
  • Scissors

Aluminum Foil

Steps to follow-

  • First of all, take a box similar to the size of the router or even the box of a router can work. This is to keep the router safely into the box.
  • Next, you need to take the aluminum foil from the kitchen that you often use to pack your food.
  • Try to fix that aluminum foil on the box in a curve structure not necessary to stick it to the sides of the box.
  • In case, if you don’t have a box you can just wrap the aluminum foil around the antenna and that will serve the purpose.
  • This is it, After going through all the steps mentioned above, we assure you that you will see an increased speed of the router due to enhanced wifi signals.


Thus, you see by following these simple steps, you can boost the signal of your wifi router and experience an increase in the speed of the internet.

This DIY is proved scientifically also by the students of Darmouth College thus, there is no scam in it.