How to change your Gmail password on Mobile and PC

How to change your Gmail password: The most frequent email company in the world is Google Mail. Google Mail is also called Gmail. It’s as easy to┬ámake a new Gmail account than sending a mail to anyone on Gmail. To create a new Gmail account, you only have to give the First Name and Last Name and fill your password by selecting your favorite email id. After that, click on the signup and your Gmail account has created.

If you have a Gmail account, you can use all Google products from just one Gmail ID. Youtube, Gmail, google keep, google doc, google keyword planner, google translate, google adsense, google adwords, and many more are Google’s services.

The most recent question asked on the internet is how to change the password of Gmail ID. Let me take you straight to the search by which you have come to this article.

How to change the password on Web Gmail

I have also mentioned below in this article how to change the password on mobile. I described in both the Gmail Web version and the Android Mobile Gmail version. First of all, let me tell you about the Web Gmail version.

Step 1. Log in your Gmail Account

  • Go to
  • Fill your Gmail id and Password.
  • You will come to your Gmail platform.
  • Click on your name on right side corner.
  • Click on My Account. Shown in Picture Below
Google Account under your name
Google Account under your name

Step 2. Gmail My Account

  • When you click on My Account.
  • A New Window will open named My Account.
  • Click on Sign-in & Security. Shown Picture Below
Gmail Sign in and Security
Gmail Sign in and Security

Step 3. Change your Password

  • You will go to your Account Security after Clicking Sign-in
  • Scroll Down to Signing in to Google
  • You will see the option named Password and Sign-in Method
  • Click on Password as Shown in Picture Below
Gmail Password
Gmail Password
  • It will ask to Re-Enter your Current Password. Just Enter and Click Next
  • You will go to the Password Screen. Just Enter New Password and Re-Enter it and Click on Change Password button.
  • You have successfully changed your Gmail ID password.

How to Change Gmail password in Phone

You have already learned to change the password in the desktop version of Gmail. It is effortless. Now in this part, I will tell you how to change the password of Gmail Id in any Android Smartphone.

  • Open your Gmail Android App
  • Click on Three Lines Left Top Corner
    How to change gmail password on Android Mobile
    How to change Gmail password on Android Mobile
  • Scroll Down to Settings and Click on it
  • Select Email id which you want to change the password
  • Click on Manage your Google Account
  • You will see your Gmail Account Detail
    Change Gmail Password on Android Gmail App
    Change Gmail Password on Android Gmail App
  • Click on the Menu at Right Side bottom Corner
  • Click on Security
  • Scroll to Signing in to Google
  • Click on Password, and then
  • Enter your Current Password and Click Next
  • Now Setup your New Password and Click Change Password Button
  • You have Successfully Changed your Gmail Id Password on Mobile

With this method, you can easily change the password of any Gmail Id. You can easily change the password in both PC and mobile. If you have any problems changing your password, then please comment below. I will solve your problem

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