Five Tips on How to Find A Music Video Without Knowing The Name

Five Tips on How to Find A Music Video Without Knowing The Name

In this “How to Find A Music Video” Blog by TechGill, Okay! Let me start from my own experience. A few days ago, I saw a music video in a restaurant, while I was having my dinner. I liked the music video, and then, later on, I forgot the name, lyrics, and everything, what I remembered was, the feel of that video.  Boy! I tried every trick to find that particular song, and finally, I got the damn song. After that, I thought there are a lot of people like me who want ways to find songs, which they are not able to, especially when they can’t remember the name of a music video.

I have thought of writing this article, to help you guys, and you people know, solving our readers problems is our priority. We know when you can find a music video that you like, it can be very frustrating. In this article, we are going to tell you how to find a music video without knowing the name in different ways. In that article, we are going to present five simple and easy ways to find a music video without knowing the name.

Note- In case you have the music video, things can be a bit easy for you, as in such cases, you just have to extract MP3 from a music video.

Five Ways to Find A Music Video without Knowing the Name

Way 1. Try music identifier:

Well, the first thing you can do is, try How to Find A Music Video, by using a music identifier. I am assuming that you know the melody of the music. If you know, this is the easiest and quickest method to find your music video. There are plenty of music identifier applications, on social media, so you can download them, to do the needful.

Way 2. Find music videos by lyrics:

If you don’t remember the whole song, but a particular line or phrase within the song’s lyrics, in that case, you can try to find the Music video by using lyrics on the internet. In light of Google search technology, this site allows you to discover any melody or song by lyrics. After knowing the essential information of the tune, you can go to Google and enter the song name and the artist’s name, at that point discover the music video you’re searching for.

Way 3. Try YouTube search:

YouTube is the world’s greatest video hosting platform. On the off chance that you are attempting to discover a music video without knowing the name that you watched on YouTube fourteen days prior, and wonder how I would look for a video song on YouTube. You don’t need to feel bad or anything. Just follow this method, here’re a few abilities that help you discover the music video.

Upload Date:- You need to type the keywords and after typing, you need to filter the results by Upload Date (Last hour, Today, This week, This month, This year) for How to Find A Music Video. In this way, you will be able to find your favorite video.

Type:-  Here on, you need to filter the results by Type (Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, Show).

Duration:-  In this, you are required to filter the results by Duration (Short, Long).

Features:- Here you have to filter the results by Features (Live, 4K, HD, Creative Commons, 3D, VR180, HDR, Location)

Way 4. Try Advanced Google Search:

If the above-mentioned way doesn’t work for you, there is another way, to find a music video without knowing the name. Well, in this case, you can use advanced Google search. Lets us tell you how to do it:

And:- You need to use And, which will tell Google to include things that are matching your whole list.

Or:- You can use Or apply filters.

Way 5. Try song naming community:

In any case, if you have a blurred memory or a specific video, like the scenes, or tune, you can upload the recording and description to a song-naming community. You can also visit Quora, type your question, and describe the music video. After doing this, someone will definitely answer your query, you just need to wait.

Conclusion for How to Find A Music Video:

That is about how to discover a music video without knowing the name. We really hope that the above-mentioned five ways will help you to find your favorite music video. In case, you have some suggestions to make, please write to us in the below comments section.

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