How to Use Keywords Everywhere on Desktop and Android Mobile

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If you are a new blogger, then you have come to the right article. In this article, I will tell you how you can use Keywords Everywhere on your computer’s website and Android Mobile Phone.

October Update: I don’t want to bother you, but keyword everywhere is no longer a free tool.
It really upset me when updating this article. Because new bloggers come in, they can’t afford paid tools. Only keyword everywhere was a boon for a fresher blogger.

The company has started no monthly subscription. You need to buy the credit to see the keyword. A credit is equivalent to a keyword.
A photo has been uploaded about the new price list of keywords everywhere at the end of this article.

What is Keyword Everywhere?

The Keywords Everywhere is an SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox browser, which shows you keyword search volume, CPC – cost per click, and competition of that specific keyword. It saves the time of Keyword researching.

Keywords Everywhere is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner. You can not use the Google Keyword Planner on every single website page, and the Keyword Everywhere tool is the best tool for which I have told all the details below.

How do you enjoy this keyword tool?

  • The most important thing is that this is free of cost. You do not have to pay for it every month. (Sadly Now it is Paid Tool)
  • It shows you exact numbers how many people are searching for a keyword. (It shows next in the example.)

How to Use Keywords Everywhere on Android Mobile

First, we will talk about how to install keywords Everywhere on Android Mobile.

About this, we have given down screenshots that you can easily understand.

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search “Yandex Browser
  • Install Yandex Browser
  • Open website in Yandex Browser.
  • Click Three Dots on Right Side Bottom Corner and Click Go to the full site.
  • You will see as Desktop website.
how to use keywords everywhere on android
Installing Yandex Browser for Keywords Everywhere Extension
  • Search in Google “Keywords Everywhere Chrome” and click the first link as shown in Picture Below.
  • Click on Add to Chrome Button and then ADD EXTENSION.
  • You have successfully installed Keywords Everywhere on Android Phone.
installing keywords everywhere extension on android
Installing keywords everywhere extension on Android

Note: For activation of Keyword Everywhere on Android, Follow Step 2

Installing Keywords Everywhere Extension on PC

Step 1. Download Keyword Everywhere Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Keyword Everywhere Download Links Below

Install For Chrome               Install for Firefox

After clicking on the install link, you will be accessed directly in your browser’s application store.

After this, your application will be installed in your browser.

Below the picture of Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension Installing


Step 2. Activate Keyword Everywhere Extension with API Key

After installing, have to make the last step

Fill your email address at the place shown in the photo and then click on the “Email me API Key” button later.


Now the email address that loaded on the activation page from the same email that you opened your Gmail account.

Then you will get a mail that will be of the API key, as shown in the photo below.

Now click on the link shown below. “Click Here to access your free API key.”


Step 3. Fill the API key

Click on Keyword everywhere Extension right side of Chrome Browser.

For Android Mobile Click on Three Dots on Right Side at Bottom Corner and then click Extensions


Whenever you add an extension to the Chrome browser, you see the logo of that extension in the Chrome browser’s right side on the top corner.

then Click on Update Setting as shown in the picture

Similar to Mozilla Firefox will also appear. This extension will be available at the top corner in Mozilla Firefox, too.



Enter the API that you copied from the email, fill it in the place shown in the photo, and then click on the Validate button.
Your keyword will always get activated.

keyword everywhere
keyword everywhere API key filling

How to Use Keyword Everywhere

Now after enabling the keyword ever, Restart your Web Browser.

Now you can search for anything like we have searched for the “Android” keyword as an example in a Google search. (Photo is shown below.)

keyword everywhere
keyword everywhere “Android” keyword search as Example

As soon as we wrote to Android in Google search, the same is showing the count of keywords in the suggestion that comes with Android.

That is the number of keywords people have searched for in a month.

This keyword tool shows three things.

  • Keyword search count. How often this Android keyword has been searched for in a month
  • CPC means Cost Per Click
  • The third keyword tells about the competition of keywords.
keyword everywhere
Keyword everywhere three things about keywords

Finally, what we love about this Keyword Everywhere tool is its suggestion box.

When we search “Android” in Google Search, the Keyword Everywhere Tool shows a suggestion box in which the keywords that are related to the Android keywords.

keyword everywhere
Keyword everywhere suggestion box


Analyze Feature

The company has resumed the analyze feature of keyword everywhere.
What is the benefit of this? Suppose, if you are reading an article on a webpage and you want to find keywords on that page.

Then you will use this keyword analyze feature only. With this, you get keywords ranging from every one word to 5 words on the page.

How to use it?

Here we will analyze the same page you are reading now.

  1. Open the webpage from which you want to find the keyword. (We are analyzing this web page.)
  2. Click on the keyword everywhere icon on the right side of the browser’s address bar.
  3. Click on Analyze Page.

You will see the page shown below.


Here you will find the keywords and their monthly search volume. If you want to find over one keyword, go to the right side of a page and select Show All keyword phrases.

You can search for 1 to 5 keywords here. All long-tail keywords will be found on the page.

Keywords Everywhere is now a Paid Browser Extension

keywordeverywhere price list
Keyword everywhere price list

We can say that you will not find the Better Keyword Research Tool anywhere.
Now install and rank your website in the Google search engine. All the Best

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