How to make bootable Pendrive for windows 10/8/7 2020

If you want to make bootable pendrive without any technical knowledge, then this article is for you. By the way, there is much software will be found on the internet for making bootable Pendrive. But Rufus software is the lightest and fastest software to make the bootable Pendrive from ISO file.

Rufus (Reliable USB Formatting Utility with Source) Software Features

  • it is faster than others software.
  • lightweight and easy to use.
  • it’s free.

How to use Rufus

Technical information is not required to use Rufus software. It’s very easy to use. We have told 3 easiest steps to use Rufus software.

First Download Rufus Software from below link. You will go directly to the download link and then you can download Regular Rufus or Portable Rufus.

Download Rufus Software

After downloading software, Start software with Run as Administrator. The photo shown below will open the screen.

Step: 1 Selecting USB for making Bootable

Firstly you have to select a USB device. The USB you have installed in your computer.As we have a 4 GB USB  of SanDisk Company installed on our computer. Whenever you open the software, it will automatically find your USB.

Note: If you want to do 64 bit Windows then you need 8GB USB and if you want 32 bit Windows then 4GB USB.

make bootable pendrive
Rufus bootable USB

Step: 2 Drive Properties ( Selecting ISO windows Image File)

In the second step, you have to select the ISO image file saved in the computer.

First, select the Disk or ISO image (Please select) from the drop-down menu in boot selection.

rufus bootable usb software
rufus bootable USB software

then select you saved ISO image file from the computer as picture shown below

bootable usb windows iso selection
bootable USB windows iso selection

When your ISO image file will be selected, Rufus will automatically update the partition scheme and target system.

refus usb bootable
Rufus USB bootable Partition Scheme settings

If you want to set up a traditional MBR and bios then you can change the GPT to MBR and Select Add fixes for old BIOSes (Extra partition, align, etc.)

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Step:3 Format Options & Start

At the end of this step, you have to specify the name and the type of format of the volume in the Format option.

Volume Label: In this section, you can give any name to the USB. Like we have named  Windows 7 in Volume Label section

File System: In the file system, you have to tell which type of format to format USB. You can select NTFS or FAT32.

then Press START.

bootable usb start
bootable USB start

When you press the Start button, the screen shown below will appear like a warning box.
Congratulations, your USB will become bootable USB.

warrning usb screen
warning USB screen

You can also put Windows 10 in bootable USB in the same way. This is the easiest and fastest way to make ISO to USB bootable.

If someone has a related question then can contact us or comment question in the comment box.

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