10 Must have WordPress Plugins for New Blogger in 2020


Adding functionality to your website is crucial if you want to make it more secure, attractive and SEO friendly. Do it by adding some of the 50 000+ WordPress plugins designed to help any website do better. The key is in choosing the right ones for the type of website you are developing. Your choice depends on what you are trying to improve: security, speed optimization, marketing, and the social presence or something else. As usual, some plugins are free for use while some need to be paid for. Actually, many plugins are freemiums which means they can be used for free, but you can always upgrade them to premium level if you need to.

Here are some must-have WordPress plugins for 2020

1# WP Forms

Your website needs to have a contact form so that the viewers can easily get in touch with you. WP Forms is user-friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly form builder that helps you create:

  • contact forms,
  • email subscription forms,
  • online order forms,
  • payment forms,
  • surveys, polls, and many other online forms – the star rating of this plugin is 4.9 out of 5 which indicates that it is one of the must-have plugins for WordPress for 2019.

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2# Yoast SEO

There is no arguing about Yoast SEO being the most popular WordPress plugin ever. WordPress is SEO-friendly right away when you start using it, but there is always room for improvement. That is where Yoast SEO comes handy. It increases your website traffic by getting more visitors from search engines. It lets you add meta tags, image tags, description tags, alt tags and much more. Moreover, it provides you with suggestions and tools for optimizing your metadata and keywords. It can even detect the change of URLs and make auto-redirects. Since Yoast is the most comprehensive of all WordPress SEO plugins, it is a miracle that it is free! That also makes it one of the must-have WordPress plugins for 2019.

There are many other ways you can enhance your SEO. Professionals from Movers Development can help you get better results in whichever field of you to think you need improvement.

Improve your SEO results to improve your business.

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3# MonsterInsights

This plugin is used in more than 2 million websites. It is considered to be the best Google Analytics plugin you can get for your WordPress. The plugin gives you insight into how people find and use your website. And it does so by connecting your website to Google Analytics. It actually gives you all the important statistical details inside your WordPress dashboard. MonsterInsights has a free version which is enough for you if you are beginning to develop your website. However, its full power to improve the website development can be seen after getting an upgrade to the Pro version of the plugin.

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4# Sucuri

All online business owners know that security is their priority. One of the best security plugins for WordPress is Sucuri. It protects your website from malware threats, DDoS, XSS attacks and pretty much everything that can endanger your website. It also offers a web application firewall which you should add as soon as possible in case you do not have it at the moment. If you had ever had your website or e-mail account hacked, you would have known that changing your Gmail password or just believing that hackers will not attack you is a bit naive.

Security comes first, that is why Sucuri is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for 2019

Along with peace of mind that Sucuri gives to website owners, the plugin also improves the page loading times dramatically. You can also use it to back up your website and recover from hacks and other attacks. The price of the plugin depends on the package you choose. Whichever you opt for, rest assured that you have made a right choice since your security is guaranteed.

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5# OptinMonster

If you are planning to improve your e-mail marketing functionality you should try installing OptinMonster. It is one of the best tools for conversion rate optimization. The opt-in forms that come with OptinMonster can be easily customized due to the drag&drop builder. This plugin allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into your subscribers and eventually into customers. It recovers the abandoned shopping cart sales and helps you make your e-mail signup forms look more appealing. It is a great solution for business websites and eCommerce websites.

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6# Beaver Builder

With Beaver Builder plugin you can easily customize your website design without writing any code. Even those who cannot tell the difference between a web host and the webserver can do it! The plugin uses a drag-and-drop interface, so you can choose from the existing templates and create layouts in under 10 minutes. Not having to hire a developer is certainly a plus for this plugin.

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7# WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin that you can get for your WordPress website. It is the industry leader for selling physical items on your WordPress website. The great thing about this plugin is that it is an open-source, fully customizable platform. It has more than 400 extensions and countless features that you can use to personalize your e-shop and make it as attractive as possible. The good news about the WooCommerce plugin is that it’s free! Of course, if you need more features than free version offers, you can always upgrade it.

eCommerce WordPress plugins are very useful.

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8# UpdraftPlus

You should always have your website data stored and backed up, just in case. UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that helps you do it on several different platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and more. Sure, many web hosts offer their backup services, but not all of them can be relied on. Wanting to delete your Facebook account permanently for any reason is one thing, but you surely wouldn’t want to lose all data posted on your website. That is why UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress plugins for 2019.

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9# Smush

Smush is the best WordPress image optimization plugin that you can get for free. Without the use of images your website wouldn’t get any traffic, and using images can slow down the loading time. Luckily, with Smush, you can have your cake and eat it too! Smush automatically optimizes your website’s images and compresses them without alleviating their quality. Even the previously uploaded images go through the optimization process once the plugin is added to your WordPress, so you don’t have to go through doing the optimization manually.

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10# WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress plugins you can use to improve your website speed. It makes your images load only when they become visible to your visitors. Since that reduces the number of HTTP requests, it means that the page loading times will become better.  However, WP Rocket is not just a caching plugin. Database and Google Fonts Optimization can be found among other features it offers.

These are best and must-have plugins for fresher blogger. There are some security plugins which make your website safe from hackers. Some of these are WordPress website tweakers, which make your website loads much faster. I recommend you must have fast loading WordPress site if it really matters of ranking in Google search engine.

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