2 Fast Method to Download Instagram Stories Anonymous

How to Download and View Instagram Stories Anonymous: Instagram has transformed since it was launched in back 2010.

It quickly grew from 1 million users to 10 million users in just one year — this lead Facebook to purchase the photo-sharing app in April 2012 for a staggering 1 billion dollars.

Facebook has evolved the app into much more than an image sharing platform. Instagram now offers a variety of post types, including videos, IGTV, stories, carousel posts, and more.

So What is Instagram Stories or Highlights?

Instagram Stories is on the more recently added posts types. This post type allows users to publish videos or images that are displayed as a slideshow for other users to see.

Typically, people use Instagram stories to share small parts of their days with friends and family business. Also, use accounts to promote their business by featuring hot products or offering discount coupons.

Instagram stories are a unique post type. Unlike the images and videos published on your profile page, stories are only visible for 24 hours before they get removed.

The author of the Instagram story can see who has viewed their account.

So, if you have an office crush and don’t want to look like a stocker, it’s probably a wise not to look at your crushes stories.

Thankfully, some tools allow you to view and download Instagram stories anonymously.

It will enable you to watch your Instagram story while staying stealthy. It will also allow you to save Instagram stories later so that they can be viewed even after 24 hours.

1# Chrome Plugin

The first option, I am going to share is a Google Chrome plugin that you can install.

That allows for a quick and easy way to be anonymous while watching Instagram stories.

Step 1. Head over to the Google Chrome web store and search for the plugin named “Hiddengram.” Click on the Add to Chrome button to add the extension to your browser.

Download Instagram Stories Chrome Plugins
Hidden gram, Chrome Plugins


Once you have the chrome plugin, you will see a new eye icon in the top right corner of the address bar.

This eye icon is the way to toggle whether you want story viewing to be anonymous.

Head over to your Instagram account by visiting Instagram in your favorite browser.

Click on the eye icon in the top corner of your browser window. The eye will change to green, so you can view Instagram stories without being detected.

Now click on any of the stories you want to watch in the right-hand column of your Instagram feed page.


The only downside with this option is that you need to be logged in and browsing the Instagram website in your browser.

It is annoying since the Instagram app is primarily a cellphone app. Which leads me to my next solution.

2# Web Option

Two websites work great to download Instagram stories.

1. Storydownloader.net

The chrome plugin is an excellent solution if you’re cool with browsing Instagram on the web. Otherwise, another unique solution is using a web app.

The web app of my choice in the Instagram Story Downloader, which allows you to download and view Instagram stories anonymously.

  1. On your cellphone head over to this website, which is a cool online app allowing you to view and download stories in any browser.
  2. Start by typing the Instagram username associated with the stories you’d like to display in the field on the homepage and click “Get Stories.”
Instagram Story Downloader
Instagram Story Downloader


The page will provide information about how many stories they have published in the past 24 hours.

And also general information about the users’ account. From this page, you can download or view the stories and stay completely anonymous.

Instagram Story Downloader
Download stories that you want

This website is excellent; However, it only works for user accounts that are not private. If you wish to view individual accounts, you will have to stick with the first option.

2. Storieswatch.com

Step 1: Go to Storieswatch.com

Step 2: In the search bar in the middle of the page, type the name of the Instagram user whose story you want to watch and click the search button on the right.

stories watch

Step 3: Find and click the Instagram user you are looking for in the search results page.


Step 4: Browse the stories of the user whose account you want to watch.

You can click the download button in the lower right corner to download what you want to your phone or computer.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please check out our other tutorial on downloading TikTok videos without watermarks. Happy downloading!

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