6 Best Apps for Adding Text to Pictures [Android] 2020

Adding text to pictures: Most people are fond of going anywhere, taking photos and sharing the moment of their memories on social media. Instead of writing big details for any photo, he prefers to write captions on the photo itself. This requires a computer, but we bring such a “text on photo” Android applications. With their help, you can write a text on any photo in the phone itself.
These are the best applications we have tested that allow you to add text to your photos and share them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and social media platforms to get more likes and shares.

Best Apps for Adding Text to Photos Android

1. Textgram – Write on photos

2. Phonto – Text on Photos

3. Canva: Poster, banner, card maker & graphic design

4. 500 fonts – Text on Photo

5. Text Candy – Add text on photo & Text Editor

6. VanillaPen

1. Textgram – Write on photos

[appbox googleplay codeadore.textgram ]

In it, you get two modes, an Empty Canvas mode, and the second Template mode. There will be a blank page in an empty canvas mode with no photos or no text. From the beginning, design the photo. There are lots of autos-generated Text on pictures in Template mode. you’ll love both.

We recommend adding instant text on photos.

This application has over 10 million downloads, which has a rating of 4.4 stars. This is a simple and fast application to add text to photos.

2. Phonto – Text on Photos

[appbox googleplay com.youthhr.phonto]

Over 200 fonts are available in this application, which is great for giving a glimpse of your picture. This application is the most requested application on Google Play Store to add text to photos. In it, you can create a color pattern, like a different color of a different letter of a word. Drop Shadow, Shadow, Stroke, Background, are most featured in-ly.

Great choice of fonts, many choices of effects, including text shadowing, stroking, tilting, curving. The ability to fade out text, adjust line spacing and much more. You can share photos from app to any social media platform.

3. Canva: Poster, banner, card maker & graphic design

[appbox googleplay com.canva.editor]

This is our recommended application. In it, you can create exquisite banners and special cards, which you can share with any of your friends. It has lots of a stylish text and colors of text. Apart from this, you can design graphics and design banner posters. We use the same application for Pinterest because I see The first image on Pinterest, then its text is read, then the website is clicked on. Therefore, this application is best for creating an engagement of Pinterest.

We will recommend this application to people who stick to Pinterest. This is also an editor choice application on Google PlayStore.

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4. 500 fonts – Text on Photo

[appbox googleplay com.petales.fonts]

We have used a lot of other applications, but this application meets all of our requirements that we need to put text on the photo. The name of this application is the same as that it has over 500 stylish fonts.

We used to love to use this app for writing on photos until you changed the format and the way it works. It’s not user-friendly anymore and difficult to use for the new user.

We can say it’s awesome, don’t mind ads but they pop up on the bottom of the screen and impede a menu.

5. Text Candy – Add text on photo & Text Editor

[appbox googleplay com.ist.textcandy]

Several words can be texted in the box. So it can also display big matters as per our choice. Color options are limited but will expand soon. Other cool features text colors, shadow colors, effects on background and text, horizontal or vertical framing.

In this, you can add text directly to the photo because you cannot add another text to the photo. It’s faster than other apps and the text styles are also good.

6. VanillaPen

[appbox googleplay com.roadrocks.vanilla]

This is the brand new application. You can create text posters and text on photos as wellThis application is great for those who write their quotes and want to present them in a very stylish way. It gets Royal Text Design, which everyone likes.

This application is great for posting photo messages and Wishing to friends.

Check these out. These are free adding text to pictures Android apps.

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