Everyone downloads a lot of files from the Internet (Including me). Whatever the download file is, it goes directly into the download folder no matter what, photos, songs, software, games, videos, PDFs, any type of files can be. Major browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome use only the Downloads folder. After downloading, it is difficult to find any downloaded files from the download folder.

Now, if you want to download any of your files in Multiple Download Folders, then there is a very nice trending addon, which is named Save In. You can download any file from this add-on in systematically, Which makes it easy to find any downloaded file. This add-ons easily found in both Google Chrome Extensions Store and Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Store.


Save In Download Extension links are below

Install for Chrome   Install for Firefox

After clicking on the install link, you will be accessed directly in your browser’s application store. After this, your application will be installed in your browser.

Below the picture of Save In FireFox Add-ons Installing

Save In FireFox Add-ons Page


After downloading you will need to create your favorite folders in which you can download any files instantly.

Go to Mozilla Add-ons page by typing about: addons in the URL bar. then go to SaveIn options. (Picture below)

save in-options

then Create your Favorite Folders as I have created 5 folders PDF, Images, Videos, Softwares, MP3 (Pictures below)

Folders NameAfter creating the folders, we now download and show how this extension works.

Note: You do not need to create folders in your computer. This Save extension will automatically create a folder in the download directory

We are going to download software called Patch My PC (Best Software to check Out-Dated applications and files installed on PC)

Right click on download link, then bring the mouse over the SaveIn button at the bottom. After that, your created folders will be displayed in which you can download according to your file. (Picture below)Multiple Download FoldersYou can see I’m downloading software to Software folder.

The downloaded file itself has moved to the Software folder (Picture below)

Download Folder Created automatically
Download Folder Created automatically


You can also create all Sub-folders from this extension.

Simple Just go to Extension options (Told about) and create your subfolders by putting / in between.

What is the advantage of Sub-Folders?

  • You will not need to create folders in the directory of your downloads folder again and again.
  • For example, if you want to keep the photos of Cats and Dogs separate, you can create subfolders as shown in the photo below

Create Sub-FoldersThat’s how you can create Multiple Download Folders to download files separately. Check it Out.

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