How to take Complete Backup of WordPress Site in Just 10 Minutes

Learn how to take a backup complete WordPress site. Regardless of whether you can back up every day, even after a week or a month after month. Places Like Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud, you can keep backups there. You can also keep WordPress backed up on your computer rather than the Internet.

WordPress is backed up for two reasons.

  • If it hack the website, then backed up it stores data online and offline.
  • When you are to go to the new hosting, then you have to put all the website data from the old hosting into the new hosting, then it needs to be backed up.

Backup WordPress Website on ONLINE storage

We have tested the top 6 plugins to back up the website, but what gives the best results is Updraft plus plugins. Let’s learn.

Step 1. Installing Updraft plus Plugins

  • Go to Word press dashboard
  • In left-Hand Click on Plugins
  • Click Add New
  • In the search box, search for Updraft plus.
  • Locate Updraft plus Word press Backup Plugin.
  • Then Click Install Now and after finish Installing click Activate.
updraftplus wordpress backup plugin
updraft plus WordPress backup plugin

Step 2. Configure the Updraft plus Plugin

  • Go to the Word press Dashboard.
  • In the left hand, click on Settings.
  • Then click on Updraft plus Backups.
  • Click on Setting Tabs as Shown in Picture Below.
Configure Updraftplus backup plugins
Configure Updraft plus backup plugins

Step 3. Choosing Schedules and Remote server (Online storage like Google drives, Dropbox, etc.)

  • Select your file backup schedule and database backup schedule from the Drop-Down Menu.
  • According to your wish, you can choose the backup every 12 hours every day or every month.
  • Then go on. Choose your remote storage. Select your desired online room. the (I selected Google Drive in picture above)
  • After that, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom.
  • When you click on Save changes, a Dialog box will appear to Authenticate with Google. (Picture below)
authorizing google drive to updraftplus plugins
allowing Google Drive to updraft plus plugins
  • Click on Link and then Sign in your Google Drive.  (You can log in to your specified remote server and authorize)
  • Now you have to back up the website you have to send to your given remote server.

Step 4. Backup Files and Database

  • Click on Backup/ Restore Tab and then click Backup Now.
backup and restore
backup and restore
  • Select First 3 Options and then click Backup Now.
backup now
reserve now

You did now. With this simple process, you can back up all your WordPress websites to any online storage.

Backup Complete WordPress site to the computer (Cpanel Method)

In this process, you can use a lot of plugins over there, but we will use Cpanel in this process. Let’s learn

Step 1. Backup Database of the Word Press Website

  • Log In to your Website, Cpanel.
  • Go to back up Wizard
  • Click on Backup
  • Then Click the MySQL Database. It is a database that contains all the posts on your website, the login password of the site, theme settings, email settings, etc. It requires this database when moving from old hosting to new hosting. It is essential to keep it as a backup if you have a WordPress platform.
  • When you click on the MySQL database, the list of all the databases associated with your website will come. You have to download any of them by clicking on a specific name. ( Picture Below)
backup wizard download
backup wizard download

We have now downloaded the MySQL Database. Now you can keep this database in your computer in a particular folder.

Step 2. Backup Files and Folders of Word press Website

Now we have to download all the files like website themes, photos of posts, etc., to your computer.

For this, go back to your Cpanel dashboard and then go to File Manager. (The file manager is the place where there is all the data stored on the website, photos, themes, links, hits, robots files, plugins, etc.)


cpanel filemanager
panel file manager
  • When you click on the File Manager, then the new tab will be opened.
  • Click on public_html. All the files on your website will appear.
  • Select all the files. For this you do not have to do anything, click on the Select all from the above-given options. All your files and folders will be selected. (As shown in the picture below)
  • Now, click on the Compress button. All the files and folders will compress in a zip file.
file manager backup
file manager backup
  • When you click on the Compress, the box for your favor compression will come. Click on the zip archive and click on the Compress file. As shown in the picture below:


file manager compress
file manager compress
  • When the compression finishes, it will create a new zip file in your file manager. As we compressed and became a file named
  • Click on the compressed file name and then click on the Download button above. As shown in the picture.
download compress website backup data
download compressed website backup data

Done now.

Both methods allow you to back up the databases and files of your WordPress website. Whether you can store it online, whether you like on your computer. Enjoy

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