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Whenever you open Facebook to pass the time, first you see Facebook’s news feed. Many new videos come on that news feed. When you look through the video while watching the video you have to close Facebook several times due to some work. When you open Facebook again, that video is not there. You can see how much of that news feed again and again, but you do not see that video. Afterward, you think that I wish I had saved the video which I had closed while watching.

In this article, I will talk about this in this article only about How to find recently watched videos on Facebook Web and Facebook App. I also told about How to delete watched videos on Facebook.

First of all, we will first talk about how to find a watched video on the Facebook website. Later, we will talk about how to find recently watched videos on Facebook mobile application.

How to find Facebook Video History on Web

All the videos you watch are stored in your activity log. I will tell you where is Activity Log

  • First Sign in your Facebook account.
  • Select your Profile by Clicking on Your Name or Your Profile Picture.
  • Click on Activity Log on Right Side bottom corner. (Shown in Image)
facebook recently watched videos
Facebook recently watched videos

Now you will have all the activity which you have done on your Facebook. This activity comes in all the way as you commented on, which video was viewed, what image was seen, that means you see all the activities of your Facebook profile.

  • Now under Filters Section, Click on MORE Shown in the picture below.
activity log Click on More button
Activity log Click on More button

Now when you click on MORE, you will see a list of Facebook’s total activity there. There, you will see an option with the video you watched.

  • Click on Videos You’ve watched
videos you have watched
Videos you have watched

Now you have reached there. There is a list of all the videos seen on your Facebook here. Since the time you have joined the Facebook, so many videos that you have seen so far will start appearing here. Now you can easily find videos you watched from here.

How to delete watched videos on Facebook

It is very easy to delete videos viewed on Facebook. You can see in the photo below that with every video there is a privacy mark and there is also an edit option with it. As you can see in the photo below. You can delete the video from the video watch history by clicking on the Edit option that you want to delete.

delete facebook videos watch history
Delete facebook videos watch history

NOTE: If you want to delete your entire watch history, you can delete all the watch history by clicking on the Clear Video Watch History option given above. It’s so simple.

Find Recently watched videos on Facebook App

On the Facebook mobile application, you can delete your Video history in the same way as we did on the Facebook website. Most people like to run Facebook on their mobile so that’s how to find Facebook application service history. Everyone should learn this.

  • Sign in Your Facebook Account.
  • Click on your Profile.
  • Then Tap on Activity Log on your Profile Page.
  • Tap on CATEGORY and then select Videos You’ve Watched from List.
  • Here are your Recently Watched Videos.
  • You can View or Delete Videos from there also.

See ScreenShot Below.

how to find recently watched videos on facebook application
How to find recently watched videos on facebook application

This way you can find the history of the video you watched on Facebook. Whether you can watch the video again, even you can delete them, we have told you two methods. Simple Method following which anyone can remove Facebook’s video history or watch again.

Check it Out.

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