Type Hindi & Other 25 Indian Languages with Mint Keyboard 2020

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Xiaomi The company has just launched a keyboard for India called Mint Keyboard. With the Mint keyboard, you can type directly in 23 languages of India.

Play Store has many keyboards that you can use to write in regional languages ​​of India. One of the keyboard for typing Hindi is a Google product named Gboard.

and the other is Mint Keyboard, Xiaomi New Keyboard product.

This article describes how to install, setup, and use this Mint keyboard.

Keyboard Features

First, let’s talk about the special features that you will love the most.

  • Quick Wishing Reply
  • Translation Suggestion
  • 25 Indian Languages
  • Auto Emojis while typing
  • Speech-To-Text
  • 2200+ Real Time Emoji for Indian languages
  • Inbuilt Indian Images theme, also Set your Own photo
  • Indian GIFs

Mint Keyboard Download

This keyboard is lightweight, only 13 MB in size. The company launched it on Google Play Store on September 9th.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for “Mint Keyboard” to download.
  • After searching, it will find a keyboard application with a green leaf logo.
  • Install the Application

Or you can also go directly to the application by following the link below.

Click this download button to download the keyboard.

How to Set up Mint Keyboard

The new user may find it difficult to use and set up the keyboard. But here we will tell you exactly how to set up and use the keyboard.

  • Click on Continue
  • Turn on Mint Keyboard

Another Method to Turn on Keyboard

Go to Mobile Settings> Language & Input> Keyboards> Select Mint Keyboard.

Set up Languages

  • Click on Mint Keyboard Icon
  • then Click Languages
  • You will find a list of 25 Indian languages.
  • I am clicking on Hindi here. You can set the language of your choice.
  • After clicking Hindi, hit the check mark on the top corner.

You see that there are two types of Hindi. All we need is Hindi (A-अ).  Click on the pencil icon above to erase हिन्दी.

Mint Keyboard Hindi Typing

Set up Theme

Themes always provide a unique and unique look to any application or mobile. This keyboard can customize the theme.

You can make the keyboard in dark mode with the theme option or you can make the background of your favorite photo.

  • Open Keyboard Application
  • Go to Themes

Here you can set Dark or Light mode or even your favorite picture in background.

How to add and use Stickers & GIFs

We use stickers, GIFs, Emojis to enhance the chat experience while chatting.

This keyboard has plenty of inbuilt stickers and GIFs that make your chat look different.

  • Open Keyboard App
  • Go to Stickers or GIFs
  • Press “+” Button on Right Top Bar

Now you can add unlimited stickers and GIFs. The thing about stickers is that it will get most Indian stickers and GIFs.

Indian Stickers


How to use Stylish Fonts

Whenever you see someone’s name in a PUBG game, they are often stylish.

You can also stylish your fonts. For this, you need to change the font on the keyboard.

Changing the font of the keyboard will show the font in the style you selected.

Mint Keyboard stylish font

Keyboard Basic Settings

#Auto Correct: Whenever you write something, you make a lot of mistakes. This option has to be turned on to correct these mistakes.

There are 3 ways to do this. Light, Modest, Aggressive

You can set it according to your requirements.

#Height:  This is the height of the keyboard. If you set the medium, the keyboard will withhold half the screen of the mobile.

If you like a small keyboard, you can set the Short.

I don’t want you to select the tall option.

#Vibration: Leave it on or default.

#Key Pop Up: Turned it On.

#Key Border: It’s your choice if you like the border around the keys you can turn it on.

Keep it on even if it’s off. It doesn’t matter It also just changes the keyboard looking.

#Top Keys: These are the numerical and Symbol keys that are hidden behind the letters.

We usually access these keys by pressing the ?123 button.

If we turn it on, we don’t have to press and hold the Shift button again and again to access these keys.

#Sound: If you don’t like sound while pressing keys, then turned it off.

#Emoji/ Number Row: Emoji and numbers are given the first row on the keyboard for direct access.

They create this row at the first number, followed by the letter keys. Turned it On.

Additional Settings

#Show Word Suggestions: Its function is to auto-complete that word whenever you type a word.

When we press the keys to type HELLO. It automatically delivers the sections of the word automatically.

Example: Type Hell –  It will suggest you Hello, He’ll,  Help, Hall, Jell, Well Shell, She’ll.

#Show Next Word Suggestion: It also works like auto-sedation. But there is a difference.
Auto-Session automatically completes the word.

This option suggests the next word from the completed word.
Like, after Hello, Sir, Madam, Baby, Dear, this kind of word comes. Turned it On.

#Auto-Capitalization: I don’t recommend this setting.

#Double space for full stop (.): Whenever any phrase ends, you can make a full stop by pressing double space.

This setting is not that special.

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